Cardi B Tears Apart Offset For Accusing Her Fighting Back

Cardi B isn’t afraid to clap back at anyone, including her husband! After Offset accused the rap queen of infidelity, the New York woman did not hesitate to slam her beau.

The hip-hop stars are individually ranked among the best entertainers in the world, so their union becomes a synergy of greatness. However, the couple did not get off to the best start, with cheating scandals and multiple breakups.

Despite almost splitting, the feisty pair persevered through their differences to become a beloved power couple. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s trouble in the couple’s paradise, considering the Migos member is alleging that he’s having extramarital affairs.

Cardi B clears the air about her loyalty to counter in fiery post against ‘Countryside’

Cardi B and her husband Offset

The feud between the “Clout” singers began after the Lawrenceville native called out his wife in an Instagram Story post on Monday, June 26. Although he took down the message almost immediately, screenshots of his shocking claims went viral on social media platforms.

According to the since-deleted claims of the “Red Room” artist: “My wife fucked me a gang and she knows I’m coming.” Given the gravity of his words, it was no surprise that fans jumped on his claims. – Is Cardi B a cheater? this became the number one question on everyone’s mind.

Naturally, the “Bodak Yellow” singer was caught off guard by the infidelity speculation and wasted no time in setting the record straight. Later on Monday, the mother of two took to Twitter Space to share her reaction to her husband’s allegations.

Unleashing her wildness, the 30-year-old began with a not-so-subtle reference to the “Rap saved me” musician’s infidelity-ridden past. Referencing Keyshia Cole’s iconic “I Should Have Cheated,” the New York native sang part of the first verse.

“First of all, let me tell you, you can’t accuse me of everything you know you’re guilty of,” the Billboard Women in Music Award winner grumbled. “Sing with me, you! And I see that it’s easy to blame everything on me. Yes honey!”

After serenading listeners with a melodious diss, the “Press” rapper responded to the rumors with his characteristic flurry of words. “Listen, don’t pay attention to that compatriot.” Don’t pay attention to that countryman,” Cardi advised listeners, claiming that a Twitter Space conversation caused Offset’s emotional outburst.

“The other day these spaces got moms fired up and thought provoking. Come on. I’m fucking Cardi B, n**ga. I think sometimes moms forget that I’m Cardi B,” the sensual goddess continued, noting that her fame would expose any infidelity before Offset could.

“If I gave this ap**sy to anyone, it would sell out. I’m not just anyone,” the media personality explained. “I can’t fuck with any regular degular shmegular because they’ll tell the world and I can’t fuck anybody in the industry because they’ll tell.”

The BET winner called her husband and threatened to hit Offset over the head with a bottle if he accused her of cheating. Addressing the Lawrenceville native, Cardi said:

“So please, boy, don’t act stupid.” Stop acting stupid. I’m crazy about royal square. Do not play with me. The whore? Stop playing. That’s all I’m saying mom, because really, let’s be serious.

The abuse did not end there, the 30-year-old girl slammed her beauty for making her look “crazy and crazy for no reason”. The Brit Award nominee’s meeting ended with Offset giving him a final warning to “stop playing” before signing off.

The “WAP” hitmaker revealed why she stayed despite her husband’s infidelity

As mentioned above, cheating scandals are nothing new for the couple, as the Migos rapper’s past inability to control his lower half almost caused the couple to divorce. In 2018, Offset’s infidelity scandal influenced Cardi’s decision to split from the rapper, about a year after they walked down the aisle.

However, the couple reconciled a year later and the “Up” singer received backlash for continuing her marriage to an alleged serial cheater. Reacting to the criticisms received, the mother of two noted that many people, especially women, were disappointed in her.

The New Yorker stated that all romances have their problems, but “on social media, everyone acts like relationships are perfect.” Cardi says she was unhappy during her split from Offset, but the couple didn’t get back together without working through their issues.

Cardi B: 'I wanted to kill myself' after prostitution allegations

“I believe in forgiveness. I prayed for him. Me and my husband prayed for him. Priests came to us. And now we realized, bro, it’s actually us against the world,” explained the Global Award winner.

As for the future, the voluptuous beauty noted that her man would be in danger if he dared to have more extramarital affairs. The host stated: “For me, monogamy is the only way. I’ll beat you if you cheat.”

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