Cardi B reveals details of Offset’s reaction to takeoff murder

cardi b reveals the moment when he and Offset learned of Takeoff’s murder and how it was done emotionally and physically affected Offset.

Cardi B & Offset are rocked by the news of the murder


Cardi B revealed that the night she and husband Offset found out about Takeoff’s murder was horrible. He told the story to Jason Lee on the “Hollywood Unlocked” podcast. “We were in bed,” Cardi said, indicating that the “terrible” phone call came late at night.

“We were just falling asleep and out of nowhere Offset’s phone kept ringing and my phone kept ringing,” he says. – Offset picked up the phone and just said, “No!” And she screamed and screamed. And I’m like, “What’s going on?” Cardi recalls, “It’s like ‘Takeoff is dead.’

Cardi had to “slap” her husband because he was so hysterical. – Do not tell me this! she remembers him yelling at her.

Offset had a gut reaction


Cardi B went on to share this Offset was physically ill when he found out. “It’s like screaming, throwing things, throwing up, running around. I was just so scared. I just cried so much. It was horrible.”

As soon as they got the news, he remembers that the energy in his home changed almost immediately. “It was such a sensitive time in my home. I feel like everything was so moving. It was a lot,” he recalls of the sad moment.

Both Cardi and Offset took to social media to share moments with Takeoff that were special to them, with Cardi revealing that she had to be extra strong for her husband, whose grief was overwhelming her.

Takeoff was assassinated in November


Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, was shot on November 1st during a night out at a pool hall with his groupie Quavo. After a dice game, an argument broke out between Quavo and some others.

Guns were drawn and shots were fired. The takeoff was hit in his body and head, unfortunately he was only 28 years old. Shortly after he died, Offset posted a tribute on Instagram alongside photos of his cousin.

“I am heartbroken and have so much to say but can’t find the words. I went to sleep and woke up hoping it was all a dream, but it’s real, and reality feels like a nightmare.”

Cardi B opens up about taking off


The “Up” rapper shared how he emotionally coped with the murder and the drama surrounding it. She responded that she felt “hopeless” for her and Offset. “We don’t want sympathy. We’re not a charity, but it’s not a lie, I felt so hopeless to make my husband happy and try to make him smile,” she candidly told Neighborhood Talk.

Takeoff’s killer, Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, has been arrested and charged. He posted a $1 million bond and was released from jail on January 4. Clark maintained his innocence.

Neither Cardi nor Offset have commented on the arrest and are focused on getting over the murder.

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