Cardi B Indirectly Labels Dalai Lama “Predator Amidst Scandal.”

Cardi B is speaking out about a recent abuse scandal involving a spiritual leader — the Dalai Lama — and a child at a charity event in India.

A video of Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso engaging in a disturbing sexual interaction with a child recently surfaced online and has since drawn criticism worldwide.

Critics include the widely acclaimed rapper, who failed to help parents keep their children away from predators. In the process, however, he was attacked.

Cardi B indirectly calls the Dalai Lama a “Predator” in a warning message to parents

Cardi B at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

The award-winning musician took to Twitter to express his distaste for the Dalai Lama’s controversial performance.

Together it beeps, wrote about predators targeting children and warned parents to be careful. He began: “This world is full of predators. They prey on innocent people. The most ignorant are our children.”

He added: “Predators can be our neighbors, our school teachers, or even people with money, power and the church. Constantly talk to your children about boundaries and what they can’t allow people to do to them.

The message garnered millions of views, with some appreciating that he spoke on the subject and listed those to blame in such situations.

One user wrote: “Especially these church people who hide behind God with their betrayal!!” Agreeing, another noted, “And TV teaches gender confusion.” A third fan commented that the Dalai Lama’s situation was “uncomfortable”, while a fourth praised Cardi Bt for “never stop reaching, never stop learning”.

However, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper’s past was haunted by a troll who pointed out that he was talking about predators but once drugged ‘sons of the people’ and allegedly raped them with ‘transsexuals’.

Another fan, who disagreed with the ‘Hustlers’ star, urged her to be careful with the word ‘enable’ as children are powerless against a predator.

But Cardi doubled down on her thoughts, writing, “I don’t have to watch my words. I know exactly what I mean. When you start potty training your kids, tell them NOT to LET anyone touch their privates, go to the bathroom, or keep the secret from mommy… He was trying to create an argument with one word… DRINK YOUR COFFEE. “

Regardless of the snide comments she received, Cardi stood her ground. IIn his last post, he poured his heart out while praising the fans who supported his message.

In her words, “Wow, all the support I get at once is beautiful; it was deep in my heart to talk about this because last night me and my friend were talking and then this morning the Dalai Lama thing happened.”

Finally, he noted that those who hated him were only projecting him. He stated, “Thank you everyone. I have to realize that people who attack me are just projecting me.”

The Dalai Lama apologizes for the disturbing sex act following the underage scandal

Dalai Lama at the eighth world summit of the Nobel Peace Prize in the Campidoglio in Rome

Cardi’s outburst comes amid a controversial apology from the religious leader after the disturbing video went viral. The horrifying clip shows the Dalai Lama asking a young Indian boy to kiss and ‘suck’ his tongue.

It started when the child asked if he could hug the Dalai Lama at an event held by the M3M Foundation in India. The young man was allowed to hug Gyatso before the old man told him to kiss his cheek and lips.

The pair kissed briefly and then pressed their heads together. However, when the boy wanted to pull away, the spiritual leader instructed him to “suck my tongue”.

The command made the boy move slowly towards the octogenarian’s outstretched tongue. At the same time, several people in the audience could be heard laughing as he followed his order while sitting in front of the Dalai Lama. Not sure if the crowd’s laughter was awkward or a sign of acceptance.

Before letting the child go, Gyatso advised him to “look at the good people who create peace and happiness” and not “follow those human beings who always kill others”.

Still, the extremely disgusting video sparked outrage, leading the religious leader to apologize on Twitter. T“His Holiness would like to apologize to the boy and his family and to his many friends around the world for the hurt his words may have caused.”

He continued: “His Holiness often innocently and playfully teases people he meets, even in public and on camera. He regrets the incident.”

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