Cara Delevingne Storms Stage To Get A Kiss From FKA Twigs

Madonna did it first, but they did it better! Cara Delevingne and FKA Twigs are the next same-sex celebrities to lock lips during a performance.

The model and the singer-songwriter recently kissed at this year’s Vogue World event in London, giving an unexpected rendition of the “Material Girl” hitmaker’s 2003 VMAs smooch.

During the iconic moment, the Queen of Pop sent the audience into a frenzy by making out with Britney Spears on stage before turning around to kiss Christina Aguilera. Instead of having a throuple moment, the England sensations took a unique approach with the model debuting a new punk hairstyle.

Cara Delevingne Storms Stage To Get A Kiss From FKA Twigs

The 2023 Vogue World show was filled with surprises as celebrities stepped out in their finest ensembles for the fashion event. However, the night’s highlight came during the “Cellophane” songstress’s performance, where the 35-year-old donned a mesmerizing black LaQuan Smith bodysuit.

The Cheltenham native’s big moment was suddenly interrupted by Delevingne, who jumped on stage in an eye-catching punk outfit and colorful mohawk. The 31-year-old’s presence earned her a sweet kiss from the “holy terrain” hitmaker before Twigs was whisked away by one of her backup dancers.

The “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” star was left craving more while viewers were stunned by the shocking smooch. Several fans reacted positively to the kiss that brought up memories of Madonna’s viral 2003 VMAs moment.

“CARA AND FKA TWIGS DID WHAT NOW” a social media user exclaimed on X. Another surprised follower chimed: “Cara Delevingne and FKA Twigs kissing was not on my 2023 bingo.” However, a third was confused by the model’s presence, writing: “Not sure what Cara is doing, but I love listening to FKA Twigs.”

As stated, Delevingne looked completely different from her usual glamorous appearance with a punk hairstyle. The 31-year-old also flaunted her new look at the event’s afterparty at George Club in Mayfair on September 14.

The TV personality’s hair featured an array of colors, including pink, green, yellow, and red sections. The tips of her tresses were dyed brown, while the colorful areas were styled upwards to give a crown-shaped mohawk. The runway alum matched her punk hairdo with her evening attire.

Delevingne ditched the wild outfit she rocked at the main event for a simpler punk ensemble. She donned a white t-shirt underneath a long-sleeve purple cardigan and matching purple shorts. Instead of flaunting her bare legs, the Hammersmith native wore black ripped leggings and ankle boots.

The “Suicide Squad” actress completed her eye-catching appearance with multiple rings and necklaces. Delevingne’s sexy kiss with Twigs came months after the supermodel raved about her girlfriend Minke’s positive impact on her life.

In July, the “Mirror, Mirror” co-author got candid about her sexuality in the BBC documentary “Planet Sex.” The show followed Delevingne’s struggles on the journey to accepting her queer identity.

The 31-year-old noted there was a lack of female representatives in the LGBTQ+ community during her childhood, and the gay icons she idolized were all male. However, she could help the next generation with her blossoming relationship with the musician Minke.

“My girlfriend has been really wonderful in introducing me to a lot of things and people,” the Teen Choice Award recipient gushed, crediting the singer as one of the reasons “2023 has been the best year I’ve had so far.”

The Supermodel Revealed She Struggled With ‘Being Open’ About Her Love For Women

Before locking lips with Twigs at Vogue World, the Elle Style Award winner was someone who struggled to embrace her love for the same sex. Last December, the 31-year-old revealed the challenges she faced in being open about her sexuality.

In the second episode of her “Planet Sex” documentary, the TV personality confessed: “Even though I’ve been queer, I haven’t really been able to live a queer life. I’m on a very personal journey into my own sexuality. You may or may not know I have had relationships with both men and women, but I still struggle with being open about just how much I love women.”

Cara Delevingne at 2023 Vogue World Afterparty at The George, Mayfair

Additionally, the Hammersmith native stated that she used the term “queer” because “it felt fluid and free” and “it didn’t put too much pressure on what I was deciding to be.”

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