Cameron Diaz has reportedly had no contact with Jamie Foxx

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx they reportedly haven’t spoken since Foxx was hospitalized in April, leaving their joint film “Back In Action” in uncertain territory.

Diaz is not aware of any updates on the project, and the “Charlie’s Angels” alum has not committed to another film and is not actively considering new scripts.

Foxx’s medical condition has not been released, but he is reportedly “recovering well” after treatment in Atlanta and a rehab facility in Chicago.

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Cameron Diaz has not contacted Jamie Foxx

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According to the Daily Mail, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx, longtime friends and co-stars, have not spoken following Foxx’s mysterious hospitalization in April. Their joint film ‘Back In Action’, which has already faced many complications, is now in limbo, leaving Cameron uncertain about its future.

A source close to the 50-year-old actress told the outlet that Diaz has not been in a relationship with Foxx and remains unaware of any developments beyond “what she’s hearing.” It’s worth noting that the duo filmed scenes together just days before Foxx was hospitalized.

Although Diaz has successfully wrapped up filming for her comeback film, recent events are calling her full return to the acting world into question. The insider said, “Cameron hasn’t signed on for another movie or is working on any new scripts.”

“Honestly, she doesn’t know what’s going on with ‘Back In Action’ and she’s not very proud of it, considering there was a lot of drama even before Jamie was hospitalized,” the insider added.

They are said to have unresolved quarrels

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

According to the Daily Mail, Diaz found himself on the verge of quitting acting for the second time when a series of problems arose during the production of his “Comeback” project, “Back In Action.” These ongoing problems affected the film and strained Diaz’s relationship with Jamie Foxx, leading to heated arguments on set.

Sadly, their differences remained unresolved before the “Django Unchained” actor’s sudden hospitalization, and the news outlet’s insider says Diaz is “burdened with overwhelming guilt over their fight, not being able to make amends.”

While the shooting of “Back In Action” has wrapped, the after effects of the production have faced major setbacks in the post-production stage, further adding to the uncertainty of the project. Based on Daily Maileven Diaz himself is uncertain about the fate of the Netflix-financed film.

Jamie Foxx fell ill with a mysterious illness

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

On April 11, Foxx experienced a “medical complication,” which her daughter Corinne Foxx revealed on Instagram. “Fortunately, thanks to quick action and great care, he is on the road to recovery,” he wrote. “We know how much he was loved and we appreciate your prayers. The family requests privacy during this time.”

However, specific details about Foxx’s condition have not been released. The actor’s hospitalization was shrouded in mystery for almost a month.

Finally, breaking his silence on May 3, the ‘Ray’ actor took to Instagram to express his appreciation for the love and support he has received. “I appreciate the love!!! I feel blessed,” Foxx wrote in the post, which included a praying hands emoji, a red heart and a fox emoji.

According to the source he cited People magazine as of May 5, Foxx was still hospitalized but “stable and not in a life-threatening condition.”

“(Doctors) are doing more tests and they want to be absolutely sure that everything will be fine before they release him,” the source told the news outlet.

Jamie Foxx is ‘recovering well’

Cameron Diaz has reportedly NOT spoken to Jamie Foxx since he was hospitalized

on May 15, TMZ reported that Foxx’s relatives were seen leaving a prominent Chicago medical facility. Known for its specialized physical rehabilitation programs, the facility offers comprehensive care for a variety of conditions such as stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation and cancer rehabilitation.

At the time, Foxx’s family, including his daughters Corinne and Anelise, and Anelise’s mother, Kristin Grannis, were in Chicago to support him during his treatment and recovery.

While Jamie’s medical condition and reasons for his stay at the rehab facility have not been released, a source close to the actor told the news outlet that Foxx is “recovering well.” The Oscar winner was first treated in an Atlanta hospital, and then transferred to the Chicago facility at the end of April.

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