Bryan Kohberger’s Murder Case Postponed AGAIN Due To Illness

Bryan Kohberger‘s trial for the murder of four Idaho college students has been moved a month backward. This was decided in a court filing to move the trial initially scheduled for September 22nd to October 26th. Kohberger’s lawyers gave an undisclosed illness as an excuse for the request.

The suspect’s defense previously noted plans to close the charges after a judge entered a not-guilty plea for Kohberger. They claimed there wasn’t enough evidence against him and accused the court of “withholding” proof. 

Why Bryan Kohberger’s Trial Was Postponed

Bryan Kohberger's Trial For Idaho College Murders Postponed AGAIN Due To Sudden Illness

The trial previously scheduled for September 22nd for the murder of four Idaho off-campus college students has been moved to October 26th. According to Idaho Statesman Kohberger will appear in court a month later than expected. This change was due to the mysterious illness of an essential defense team member.

It’s unclear whether the 28-year-old Ph.D. student was hit with the unexplained illness, as the report refused to specify. However, considering the importance of the trial, Kohberger and his team would need enough time to be sure that they could defend their motion to throw out the indictment.

Kohberger has been silent on the issue and notably remained quiet when asked to enter a plea during previous hearings. This forced the judge to enter a not-guilty request on his behalf so they could proceed to trial.

The Defense Tried To Dismiss The Case

Bryan Kohberger's Defense Team Hires Genealogist To Discredit DNA Evidence Tying Him To Idaho Murders

In the anticipated trial, Kohberger’s defense will fight to throw out the indictment of their client as the primary suspect in the Idaho college murders.

Kohberger’s lawyer, Anne Taylor, previously revealed their plans to dismiss the case “on the grounds of a biased grand jury, inadmissible evidence, lack of sufficient evidence, and prosecutorial misconduct by withholding exculpatory evidence.” The defense team explained that their evidence failed to sufficiently tie Kohberger to the crime.

They also claimed that the court withheld some “exculpatory” evidence, which was unfair to the defendant. Kohberger’s legal team has hinted at proof supporting his presence at a different place during the night of the attack. They stated they would present all their evidence when the trial officially begins.

Prosecution Has Incriminating Evidence Against Bryan Kohberger

Bryan Kohberger's Defense Team Hires Genealogist To Discredit DNA Evidence Tying Him To Idaho Murders

The prosecutors have revealed much evidence to the court that connects Kohberger to the murders. As obtained by CBS, the investigators showed that surveillance camera footage links the accused with the location at the time of the crime. Kohberger’s DNA and fingerprint were also used to determine whether he was possibly involved.

They added that some phone records contributed to deeming Kohberger as the prime suspect in the case. Additionally, the police discovered and seized suspicious items like gloves, a hat, a face mask, and knives believed to belong to Kohberger after searching his parents’ home.

Bryan Kohberger Allegedly Followed The Victims’ Instagram Accounts

Bryan Kohberger's Defense Team Hires Genealogist To Discredit DNA Evidence Tying Him To Idaho Murders

Amid claims that Kohberger could not be sufficiently linked to the crimes, Kaylee Gonclaves’ parents, Steve and Kristi, revealed that the Ph.D. student had some connections to the victims of the murders. Kaylee was one of the four students, including Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan, stabbed to death in the tragedy.

During their statement to CBS about the murder suspect, Steve and Kristi noted that Kohberger used to follow some of the students on Instagram. The couple explained that they found some evidence that Kohberger interacted with Maddie and Kaylee under an account linked to him.

Bryan Kohberger's Defense Team Hires Genealogist To Discredit DNA Evidence Tying Him To Idaho Murders

Kristi noted, “You would go to Maddie’s Instagram account and look at her pictures, and he liked them.” She added that Kohberger liked multiple photos and actively followed Maddie’s updates. “Bryan’s name was under a lot of Maddie’s pictures. Liked her pictures, liked that picture and that picture, and that picture, and that picture. So, he was actively looking at the Instagram account.”

The couple added that the account was no longer active as it ceased to be on the day of the remembrance of their daughter after Kohberger was arrested. Kristi explained, “By the time we got home from the ‘Celebration of Life,’ it was gone … the Instagram account was gone.” This increased the bereaved couple’s suspicion about Kohberger.

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