Brooklyn Beckham’s questionable culinary skills are shocking fans

Brooklyn Beckham is once again making headlines on the internet for his unusual cooking method! This time, fans roasted the passionate chef after he unveiled a new recipe he whipped up in the kitchen.

Beckham, who regularly flaunts her cooking skills on Instagram and mostly never responds to backlash, took things to the next level with her latest post.

The eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham applauded his critics with a serious reason why he used this method.

Brooklyn Beckham’s questionable culinary skills are shocking fans

Brooklyn Beckham at the Variety 2022 Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration

The media personality seemed to activate her chef mode when she took to the internet to show off one of the memorable dishes she’s made. On this Instagram pageBeckham shared with her 15.1 million followers a picture of the meal she cooked up in her great-looking kitchen.

The first slide shows Beckham juggling the role of being a doting father to his new rescue dog Peanut, whom he carried as a baby.

However, a wooden cork sitting in the pot alongside the sauce, minced carrots and other ingredients caught the attention of fans in the photo. In addition, fans could not understand why Beckham took his little dog near the stove.

Meanwhile, in a second frame, Beckham, donning an all-black ensemble, appeared to be chilling as she sipped on a glass of red wine after preparing her controversial classic dish.

She captioned the post: “Dad daycare with a red heart.” Shocked by the bar, her followers took to the comments section to criticize the former model for her cooking style. One asked, “Do you have to cook with the cork in the pot”? Another wrote: “There’s a cork in the pot…and dog hair is about to join 😮.” A third fan shouted: “Cork is the main dish.”

One commented: “Oh dear. The unemployed is playing chef again. I don’t think gas, red wine and a dog will end well.” One rather opinionated fan left a lengthy comment, writing: “Well, this looks sad. I wouldn’t eat that stew at all because the dog is around and the cork is in, so god knows what’s going on in the kitchen.. and while you’re scrolling through social media, you can’t stay focused. if what’s wrong and I don’t know why Nicole would make fun of me by posting these pictures.”

One inquired, “Is that the cork of the same wine in the vessel”??? While another posed a sarcastic question, writing, “What’s next for the taste? The wing of the bat, the next eye, the spike of the dog”? “Forget the cork.” Why is the dog there? The hairs in the food can also be damaged by the heat of the pan,” another noted.

After going through fans’ mean comments on her post, Beckham took to her Instagram story to fight back at online trolls with a featured screenshot protecting your cooking method. The post said: “Further research followed and we found information that adding burgundy to the cooking liquid makes the food more tender.”

Fans have previously mocked Beckham’s Fettuccini Alfredo dish

It seems the 24-year-old will never be able to break away from trolls for his cooking style. Earlier this monthBeckham has been slammed by fans after showing off his Fettuccini Alfredo dish on Instagram.

She captioned the post, “Fettuccine Alfredo with @silk Nextmilk today. It’s made from plants, tastes like milk, and is brilliant in this dish. Who is next? #whosnext #SilkNextmilk #ad.”

However, her followers came down on her in the comments section, with one writing: “This recipe doesn’t have one thing that Alfredo???? This is a Béchamel. I’m sure it’s good, but spaghetti in Béchamel, not Alfredo.

Brooklyn Beckham explains the wine cork

Another commented: “That’s for sure 1) not fettuccine and 2) not Alfredo sauce 😂.” A third fan wrote: “Fun way to use this product, but… Where the fettuccine is (along with the seasoning).”

One disgruntled individual wrote: “No, no, and no again! So many mistakes in one dish! Please don’t!”, while one confused follower asked: “Where’s the seasoning? Where’s the cheese? Where’s all the good stuff? Just milk?”

The London native was also trolled for her vegan lasagna

Despite Beckham’s online criticism of her cooking career, the former model always seems to be up to something new. Per The BlastAt the beginning of 2023, Beckham received another scolding from his followers for an Italian dish that he prepared with his special method.

The former model shared her vegan lasagna recipe via a cooking guide she uploaded to her Instagram. In the video, he chopped onion, garlic and eggplant before placing them in a pot with a bag of plant-based meat alternatives and pre-made tomato sauce.

However, after preparing the dish and showing off the finished result, fans took to the comment section for not doing the procedure right.

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