Brooklyn Beckham says he’s not a chef despite his career as a chef

If you thought Brooklyn Beckham was a chef, you can erase it.

The first son of former footballer David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has had an exciting career. From modeling to photography and even being a chef, the youngster seems to be exploring.

While the 24-year-old has taken an interest in cooking, fans have bashed him too many times for his absurd cooking skills. The former model is now clearing the air about her supposed career as a chef.

Brooklyn Beckham says he’s not a chef!

The former photographer, who previously posted a number of cooking videos, received terrible reviews from fans about his cooking career.

Brooklyn Beckham at the Variety 2022 Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration

Brooklyn did a question and answer segment through his Instagram stories, allowing his followers to ask him anything. A curious follower asked if he was a chef and the British native replied, “No x, but food is my passion.” She shared the shocking revelation alongside a photo of her hand covering her face.

Perhaps Brooklyn’s confession about her career stems from the realization that her cooking career has been a huge failure, as she has received more criticism for her cooking videos, this is uncertain. At the beginning of the month, however, he received the fan heat when he presented his recipe for Fettuccini Alfredo, which fans said was nothing like the real Alfredo.

One fan expressed her displeasure with the meal, writing: “There is not one thing in this recipe that is Alfredo???? This is a Béchamel. I’m sure it’s good, but spaghetti in Béchamel, not Alfredo. Another observer commented: “No no and no again! So many mistakes in one dish! Please, do not!”

Back in January, the 24-year-old released a video tutorial on how to prepare the popular roast beef. As expected, many of his followers had something to say about the dish, often comparing it to “raw beef.”.” Several people left not-so-good reviews of the media personality.

One person quipped: “A good vet could bring him back to life.” Another observer commented: “Heart attack on a plate. A third follower further opined that the food was undercooked and that Brooklyn “may be biting the cow while it’s grazing.”

He similarly received a handful of criticism when discarded the vegan Lasagna recipe. During the recording, the media personality made detailed preparations for the meal. However, the fans were not impressed at all! One fan bluntly wrote: “You are not a chef. Where lentils thicken the food and oat milk bechmel. Vegan yes… but not a big lasagna 🥱.”

Brooklyn Beckham clarifies if he is a chef

Another person added: “This looks really disgusting. Any cook will tell you to tear up the basil. Never cut it. Just no.” As if Brooklyn’s recipes weren’t enough internet roasting, she previously told Daniel Mac that she got a luxury car as a chef.

As we reported, Mac, who asks random drivers of expensive vehicles how they pay for them, interviewed Brooklyn after the former model was spotted cruising around in a red McLaren P1 that costs a whopping $1.2 million.

Mac asked Brooklyn what he did for a living, and he replied, “Um, I’m a chef.” It prompts the Mac to say, “You’re a chef! Really? Are you like the best cook in the world?” Brooklyn replied, “Try it!”

After the clip went viral, the eldest of the Beckham children received severe backlash for his claims. One person wrote: ‘He didn’t pretend to be a chef to get her that car…Brooklyn please’, while another scoffed: ‘What do you do? “My parents are rich, so I only have one kind of mood.”

Brooklyn Beckham was punished for trying several career paths

Heiress Nicola Peltz’s husband has dabbled in many things and tried his hand as a stylist in January. However, the fans soon noticed the change of direction. Per The Blastparticipated in Vogue’s ‘7 Days, 7 Looks’ series on TikTok and shared her thoughts on the outside of his wife.

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham and Nicola Peltz Beckham

In no time, critics ripped the reality star for the switch. One critic wrote: “This is Brooklyn Beckham…Brooklyn Beckham, the chef, the photographer, the stylist is extraordinary.” Reality TV star Spencer Pratt joined the write-up: “Not only is she a chef and photographer, she’s also a celebrity stylist 🔥.”

Another person even gave him a nickname. The person said: “She’s had so many ‘careers’, basically Barbie Beckham.

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