Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz celebrate their wedding anniversary

It’s been a year and an eternity for Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz!

The adorable couple, infamously known for dating superstar Selena Gomez, continues to prove that they are meant to be together. Despite their controversial wedding dilemma, the lovebirds stay by each other’s side.

A year after tying the knot in an intimate ceremony at Peltz’s stunning Palm Beach estate in April, the dashing couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary with sweet tributes. Read on for all the juicy details!

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Fawn celebrated their first wedding anniversary

At Easter, Beckham and Peltz had a double reason to celebrate the holiday, as it coincided with their wedding anniversary. Kicking off the celebration, David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son gushed emotionally about his good fortune. Instagram comment.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are celebrating their first wedding anniversary

The 24-year-old shared a romantic picture of himself leaning in to plant a sweet kiss on his wife’s lips. The PDA moment happened outdoors while the pair were presumably shopping given the shops and onlookers around them.

The revelers donned matching long-sleeved pink tops and blue jeans for the outing, proving yet again that they’ve been enjoying their flaming romance. The novice chef wrote the heartwarming picture with his undying devotion to the actress.

“I married my best friend xx 1 year ago today. I am the luckiest to call you my wife x” – the former photographer began his inspiring message. “You are my everything and I am the luckiest person in this world to wake up to your beautiful face every morning x.”

Sharing her hopes for their future, the Westminster heartthrob wrote: “Many more years to go baby xx love you so much x is here to have as much fun when we’re old as we do when we’re young.”

The ‘Deck the Halls’ star wasted no time in responding to her husband’s touching post, echoing similar sentiments with the message: ‘I love you so much!! This is so cute!!! I love being your wife.”

The 28-year-old expressed her devotion to the “Cookin’ With Brooklyn” star. Instagram page, sharing a picture of their wedding anniversary. In the photos, the couple celebrated their love with their family while smiling.

Peltz flaunted her sizzling figure for the weekend affair in a black crop top and colorful shorts. The TV personality completed the casual ensemble with thigh-high black boots and a statement necklace.

In the first picture, the couple posed together, with Beckham holding a cake designed with Polaroid pictures of the couple. The host later revealed in an IG story that the treat was a gift from her mother, Claudia Heffner.

In another moment, the lovebirds were joined by the Westminster native’s parents. There were also shots of Peltz posing with his grandmother, affectionately known as Naunni, and a dog. The New Yorker described these adorable moments: “I can’t believe it’s been a year since I walked down the aisle; I love you, baby. I love being your wife.”

According to the model, her life would not be the same without Brooklyn, as he was the man of her dreams. “I’m so happy to be living my life with you,” the 28-year-old concluded, noting that she had a blast celebrating with their family and giving Naunni a rescue dog.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the ‘Transformers’ actress shared a cute video of the beautiful flowers she received from her husband. The clip captured several mini bouquets of white roses alongside a large arrangement of flowers from the high-end brand MAISON la FLEUR.

Accompanying this floral display was a handwritten card from Beckham with a message similar to her Instagram post.

Huawei’s former brand ambassador spoke about her baby plans

Last month, before their first anniversary, the son of the former English footballer revealed that he is looking forward to becoming a father. On “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the 24-year-old reiterated that his world revolves around his beautiful wife.

The smitten husband, who officially adopted the surname ‘Beckham-Peltz’, revealed why he respected the actress’ family name. According to the aspiring chef, he did it for future children.

“It was my idea because I wanted to honor her family’s last name as well, and you know, I thought when we had kids, I think it would be so cute to have little Peltz-Beckham running around,” the former model admitted.

Despite being excited about fatherhood, the media personality noted that the decision is up to his wife. “I want as many children as my wife wants. I want a lot, but it’s obviously up to him,” explained the Westminster native.

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