Brittany Snow Is Leaving Her Divorce In The Past

Brittany Snow focuses on self-care public divorce from Tyler Stanaland. He is working hard to move forward.

Brittany Snow is back to normal

2023 HCA Film Awards

Snow was just as shocked as everyone else when her marriage to Stanaland ended. His very public actions put the actress in a pit, forcing her to file for divorce after such disrespect.

Thankfully, he’s back in the game and taking steps to recover. He spoke to her PEOPLE on Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival, where his film, The Good Half, premiere. “I think everybody goes through really tough times, and then it’s all about us and how we deal with it, right?”

He talks about his philosophy as he navigates the past few months. “Because no one is exempt from difficult periods in their life. And I just try to focus on myself and tune out the noise.”

The 37-year-old took the big step and filed for divorce from Stanaland in January, just months after they announced they were separating. She and Stanaland married in 2020.

Brittany Snow released a statement

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland at the Farmer's Market

THE Pitch Perfect alum posted the news of her divorce on Instagram. “After time and consideration, Tyler and I have decided to separate. We made this decision out of love and mutual respect for each other.”

– he continued. “We realized that we all need to make time to live our fullest and most authentic lives. We started this journey as best friends and our relationship continues to be a priority for us and our dog Charlie.” He concluded his message by saying, “We sincerely thank you for your support and ask for your privacy as we navigate this new chapter.”

Snow recently shared that her mental health has deteriorated, and one of her Perfect sound co-stars “nursed me back to health” during a “tricky” time.

Brittany Snow has spoken more about her mental health

Brittany Snow leaves the Build studio in New York

The actress detailed her struggles with mental health in a candid interview Bustle. “In the past year I have gone through perhaps the most difficult mental health challenge I have ever faced. In one day, in a few hours, my life completely turned upside down,” he recalls.

“I was blindsided, and everything I knew, held sacred, and truly trusted in my life was completely different.” It wasn’t just the separation and divorce that pushed him into a dark place.

“A few days later, my grandmother died, and I think everything I knew about mental health was tested,” says Snow. “Thank God for my friends. I don’t know how I would have survived without them. They reminded me of who I am and what I stood for.”

Brittany Snow detailed her breakdown

Brittany Snow and her fiance Tyler Stanaland at LAX International Airport

The actress candidly told how her breakdown happened and how it happened. “The last year has been tricky for me, and one of the girls, I just, you know, I opened her door and I fell on the floor and I just cried and laid there.

The snow continued. “And he nursed me for about four days. And he wasn’t who I thought would be able to do it.” Thankfully, she’s getting over it and is excited about the new movie she’s starring in.

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