Brielle Biermann Spend Father’s Day with your stepdad in the midst of a nasty divorce

Actions speak louder than words…and Kroy Biermann she receives love and support from her stepdaughters Ariana and Brielle Biermannand going through a nasty divorce with their mother.

Is Kroy Biermann Father of the Year?

Ariana and Brielle Biermann spend Father's Day with Kroy Biermann.  Divorce doesn't keep them apart

The former professional athlete has been going through this ever since he filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak. It’s nice to see that Zolciak’s daughters from two previous relationships are still supporting their stepfather.

Until this post, the girls have kept quiet about their parents’ breakup. Biermann is not just a man in their lives, in addition to physically stepping up, he put it on paper and officially adopted the girls.

So they weren’t the only ones to start using the Biermann surname — and Ariana shared a few posts celebrating her father. One video is of fireworks in the driveway of his Alpharetta, Georgia home, and they appear to be barely holding on.

In the next photo, she and her sister Brielle Biermann are hugging.

Brielle Biermann shares her Father’s Day post in the midst of a nasty divorce

Ariana and Brielle Biermann spend Father's Day with Kroy Biermann.  Divorce doesn't keep them apart

The influencer shared a picture of herself sitting on Kroy’s lap to make it look like a night of food. Above their heads he wrote, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” in big, bold, white letters.

It’s nice to see the family reminiscing about happier times. Kroy shared what he did with the “little ones” he shares with the Zolcias. Kroy Jr., 12, Kash, 10, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9. They went on a little hike and extreme bike ride!

Kroy loves outdoor activities. This was earlier in the day, later the kids and Kroy enjoyed the fireworks with the older girls. Kroy was so touched by the fireworks video that he was happy to be with the kids and was mesmerized by the fireworks.

Kroy Biermann will soon be a single father

Ariana and Brielle Biermann spend Father's Day with Kroy Biermann.  Divorce doesn't keep them apart

The former Atlanta Falcons player will likely have a bittersweet Father’s Day as he watches his life crumble before him. But she posted her own appreciation for Brielle and Ariana with a photo of the three of them, captioned: “I love you! I’m honored to be a part of your life,” he wrote to Brielle, before adding: “I love you so much.” This divorce turned out to be worse than he could have imagined.

Not only are Zolciak and he slinging mud at each other through the court documents, but the allegations are wild, and even their biggest fans couldn’t have guessed that some of them would be made. Zolciak accused Biermann of using too much cannabis.

Kroy accused his estranged wife of not being able to properly take care of the children together, and Zolciak really had to attend a parenting class. To make matters worse, they are stuck together in their home, it is not smart for either party to leave the matrimonial home, but in this case they don’t even have the option, because money is said to be tight!

Ariana and Brielle Biermann have kept quiet about the details of their divorce


As mentioned above, the girls didn’t really talk about the divorce, and many assumed they were sticking by their mother for obvious reasons. This is Kroy’s first public display of affection since the divorce news broke.

Kroy has been in their lives since 2010 when he met their mother. He officially adopted them in 2013, and they shared how close they are to the now-cancelled Bravo show. Don’t delay. Fortunately, all three work despite the conditions.

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