Brian Laundrie’s mother talks about the incriminating letter

Brian Laundrieher mother broke her silence.

Roberta Laundrie in recent months, he has been under the spotlight because of the letter he wrote to his son earlier Gabby Petito murder.

The letter allegedly contained information about buying a shovel and helping bury the body… “Burn it after reading” is the title.

Brian Laundrie’s mother breaks silence on incriminating letter

Brian Laundrie had a gun on the run, parents and the FBI hid from the public

Roberta is defending herself in court and said the letter was all fun and games.

His attorneys filed a motion for a protective order in Sarasota County Circuit Court on Monday, March 7.thwhich seeks to block an attempt by Gabby’s parents to make the “burn after reading” letter admissible as evidence in a civil lawsuit between the two families.

Attorneys for Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt say the letter refers to a shovel, the burial of a body and Brian’s release from prison.

To show her support for this evidence NOT being made public, Roberta wrote a letter to the court claiming that the “burn after reading” letter was written months before Gabby and Brian went on a road trip in the summer of 2021.

According to Roberta, the letter was an attempt to reconnect with Brian


“Although I don’t know the exact date the letter was written, I do know that I wrote it and gave it to Brian before Brian and Gabby left Florida for New York on June 2, 2021,” Roberta wrote.

She revealed that she and Brian bonded over books like ‘The Runaway Bunny’ and ‘Little Bear’.

Roberta said that one book in particular was titled “Burn it After Writing” and it became an inside joke between her, Brian, and Gabby. He explained that this was why he had written on the envelope containing the letter, “burn it after reading it.”

He wrote the letter months before Gabby and Brian left for the trip

“Long story short, I tried to contact Brian and repair our relationship when he was planning to leave home – and I was hoping this letter would remind him how much I love him,” Roberta claimed. “The purpose of the letter was to reach out to Brian as he and I are going through a difficult time in our relationship. Brian and I have always had a very open and communicative relationship, and in the months leading up to the trip, our relationship became strained. Brian and I loved the stories, and some of the language in the letter used similar expressions to describe the depth of a mother’s love.”

He also claimed that there were some references in the letter that people thought Gabby and Brian had “nothing to do” with what happened to the couple.

Brian Laundrie had a gun on the run, parents and the FBI hid from the public

“Although I used words that appear to be related to Brian’s actions and taking Gabby’s life, I never thought that the events that unfolded between Brian and Gabby months later would reflect the words in my letter,” he wrote. “The words in the letter could never have commented on that tragic situation as they were written so many months ago. My words to Brian are meant to express my love and support for my son through a lighthearted and whimsical reminder that my love for him has not diminished or been deterred by the miles of distance that soon lie ahead of us.”

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