Brian Cox is DirecTV’s Overly Direct Spokesman – Look

The “Succession” star is going meta with a new campaign on Waystar Royco Media.

Brian Cox Tells Untrustworthy Cable Providers to “Screw You.”

The “Succession” Emmy winner debuted in his most recent role as DirecTV’s “Overly Direct Spokesman.” The persona is part of a new campaign for the Gemini wireless option powered by Android TV.

“Let me be direct: you’re doing TV wrong!” Cox bellows in the hilarious ad, directed by Jody Hill.

The slogan of the campaign: “Stop compromising, start looking.”

“I really enjoy being the over-the-top spokesperson,” Cox said in a press release. “The prime spot is truly an ode to everything DirecTV is doing to simplify the TV viewing experience.”

Cox’s DirecTV deal reflects his “succession” role as head of media conglomerate Waystar Royco. Cox’s iconic turn when Logan Roy spotted TBWA\Chiat\Day managing director Jason Karley, who told Clio Muse that Cox was the first choice in the campaign.

“Of course we had backups,” Karley said. “But he was the prototype and the dream. He has a unique ability to sound sincere and caring, yet critical and unfiltered in the same sentence.”

“Succession” ends with the current fourth season. Cox admitted he would miss the cast, adding: “I’ll miss the atmosphere, I’ll miss the bonhomie. (My character) Logan, you’re probably going to miss me a bit. But up and on.”

Cox continued Fun tonight, “I’m glad it’s over in a good way. I think we’ve reached a point where the show has reached its natural conclusion.”

Cox cited series creator Jesse Armstrong for ending the viral show at the right time.

“Jesse doesn’t let it go any further than it has to,” Cox said. “A lot of shows don’t feel welcome, and I think ours is perfect and clever the way it is.”

Armstrong announced in February 2023 that the “succession” would bow this year.

“The word that comes to mind is ‘natural,'” Armstrong said of the finish. “I hope people, when they see this season, will feel that it has a natural form. That’s how I put it in my writers’ room, hoping that they’d argue so we could see a way to do more seasons, because I love working with these people. I think there is a sense of completeness and correctness in the form of the performance.”


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