Brian Cox defends Bryan Singer: He’s really, really talented

Brian Cox has defended his disgraced “X2: X-Men United” director despite allegations of rape and molestation, calling the filmmaker “extraordinary.”

Brian Cox shares another controversial opinion.

After defending JK Rowling amid transphobic tweets, the ‘Succession’ star is now backing disgraced director Bryan Singer, with whom she worked on the 2003 film ‘X2: X-Men United’.

“I think he’s an extraordinary director — he’s very, very talented,” Cox said Yahoo! Entertainment From Singer. “Of course, I will always be grateful to him because he trusted me and I got the role. I played a waiting game and it worked.”

According to Cox, Singer was instrumental in casting Colonel William Stryker in the “X-Men” sequel.

“Bryan called me to Vancouver, where they were shooting, and said, ‘Look, I want you to be in it, but I’m going to have to play the waiting game with Fox because they want me to hire this guy,'” he recalled. “I trusted him, and in the end he got what he wanted.”

Cox addressed several rumors of tensions, particularly after co-star Alan Cumming claimed that the “X2” cast staged an intervention to confront Singer about his inappropriate behavior, which allegedly stemmed from his addiction to painkillers. Page six).

Cox admitted that Singer was “under a lot of pressure” during the production, adding: “One of the great things about it was that when he came to a new set, he had to think. You’d have a thought and then you’d have to rethink (the scene). So it was always a difficult transition for him. But once he cracked it, he cracked it very quickly and was able to continue.

The Emmy winner continued: “There’s a real allegory to the film and it serves a lot of purposes. That’s why I love Bryan’s take on this, because he really sees them as out of the ordinary. This is also an allegory film for him.”

Singer came out as bisexual in 2014 and has since been accused of molesting and raping underage boys.

Cox added that he probably won’t reprise the role 20 years later, but he’s open to returning to the franchise in some capacity. “The last time I played him, I was tied to a wall waiting for a huge flood to come, so I don’t remember where he is now,” Cox said. “Either I’m floating somewhere in Canada or I’m dead! So I might come back as a ghost or a slightly washed out William Stryker… I’m biased but I think of all the X-Men movies, maybe this is the best. This is my favorite of the movies.”

Cox’s co-stars Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence also recently weighed in on the singer’s X-Men films. Without naming Singer, Jackman said that today there is “less tolerance for disrespect, marginalization, harassment and any kind of oppressive behavior. There’s zero tolerance for it right now and people are speaking up and I think that’s great.”

Oscar winner Lawrence similarly voiced Singer’s “emotional” reactions and “hissy fits” on set.

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