Brian Cox crashed in the ‘succession’ sequence for Shocker Episode 3

“I took that responsibility,” Cox said when he came up with an idea to deceive “Succession” fans during production. “They didn’t even think about it.” They were in such a rush.

(The following contains spoilers for “Succession” Season 4, Episode 3.)

Logan Roy may have left the building, but Brian Cox still hasn’t left the ‘succession’ set.

The actor, who plays the beloved twisted patriarch on screen in the viral HBO series, revealed that despite his character’s shocking death in Episode 3, he appeared on set after Logan’s death to trick fans during production.

“I mean, I actually showed up at the funeral,” Cox said Deadline. “On the day of my funeral, they wanted to do a scene with me, a fake scene with me in the church, so just to distract people from the smell.”

He continued: “But they ran out of time, it was very difficult to shoot in that church and they had to deal with a lot of things. And the only thing they didn’t have to do was do a fake scene with Logan Roy that wouldn’t be in the show anyway. So, I was just about to do the scene to go up to the church, I can’t remember where the church was, downtown, and what happened, I was just getting ready to do that, and they called me and said. ‘You don’t have to come in now.’ And I said yes. And they said, “What?” I said, “I’ll come in.” They said, “Yeah, but we’re not doing the scene.” I said, ‘Look, I’m going in because I know there’s going to be a lot of paparazzi there and they’re going to be wondering what a funeral is. I’m coming in.”

Cox added: “So, I said to my driver, I said, ‘Joe, let’s go, let’s go’. So, and as soon as I got out of the car, paparazzi were shooting at me left, right and center, and so they were like, “Logan’s at the funeral, what’s he doing?” You know, and if I hadn’t, if I hadn’t come, they would have gone, “This is Logan’s funeral.” And I took that responsibility. They didn’t even think about it. They were in such a rush and it was very difficult to film this final season.”

The only scene in which Cox was not present was the actual death of Logan Roy on a private jet.

“I have never been there. I wasn’t there at all, Cox said. “They decided, well, they don’t want to do that. I mean, they had this idea, you know, I think it’s a phone and an ear. I think that’s all you see, right?

The Emmy winner ruled out a “Succession” spinoff from series creator Jesse Armstrong, noting that the only way forward would be for Nicholas Braun’s iconic character, Cousin Greg, to be spun off into a separate series, which would inevitably be “pretty boring.”

“I think it would just be the same age, the same old. I think we got it done, Cox said. “I don’t think there are any side effects. I think it’s unnecessary. You know, and Jesse, he’s not going to do a spin-off. He wants to move on. He wants to go to other areas, you know?

Cox noted The New York Times that other areas Cox is pursuing include organizing a feature film and returning to the West End.

“I’m going back to the theater. Hopefully I’ll be directing my first movie when I’m older,” Cox said. “And I’m doing Long Day’s Journey Into Night in London (spring 2024). So I know what I’ll be doing probably until next summer.”

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