Brian Cox Blames Daniel Day-Lewis For ‘American Sh*t’ Method Acting

“Just do the job,” Cox said. – Do not “identify”.

Brian Cox evokes the very American way of Method acting.

The Scots star of “The Successor” addressed Jeremy Strong’s approach to co-star Kendall Roy on the hit HBO series, which will end after its upcoming fourth and final season.

“I’m glad it doesn’t hurt personally,” Cox said Species, calling Strong “a wonderful actor.” However, the Method acting debate is rooted in what Cox believes Strong stands for.

“It really is a culture clash,” he said. “I can’t stand this American shit. I’m sorry. All this “I think therefore I feel”. Just do the work. Don’t “identify”.

Cox pointed to Strong’s former boss and mentor, Daniel Day-Lewis, with whom Cox starred in the 1997 film “The Boxer.”

“He retired at 55, and I’m like, ‘That’s when the roles get really interesting. He retired just at the point where the roles are really getting better!” Cox said. “Of course Jeremy was Dan Day-Lewis’ assistant.” So he learned all that from Dan.

Day-Lewis is from London, while Strong is from Boston.

As for wrapping up the “succession,” Cox admitted, “I’m going to miss the cast, I’m going to miss the atmosphere, I’m going to miss the bonhomie. (My character) Logan, you’re probably going to miss me a bit. But up and on.”

Cox previously said that acting on Strong’s Method was “freakin’ nerve-wracking” and encouraged her co-star to rest.

“He is a very good actor and everything is fine with the rest of the ensemble. But knowing a character and what that character does is only part of the skill set,” Cox said. “He’s still that guy because he feels like he’d lose him if he went anywhere else. But it won’t! The strong is talented. He’s fucking talented. If you have received the gift, celebrate the gift. Go back to the trailer and smoke some weed, you know?

Strong recently spoke about the controversy surrounding his acting process in a GQ cover story.

“Everybody has a right to their feelings,” Strong said. “I think Brian Cox, for example, has earned the right to say whatever he wants. There was no need to deal with this or damage control. I really love my brothers and my dad on the show. And it’s like a family in that sense, and I’m sure they would say the same, you don’t always love the people you love. I always respect them.”

He added: “I saw Brian Cox also say in an interview afterwards that ‘Jeremy has a certain amount of pain at his root and I just feel that pain.’ You know, I don’t think so. I don’t think there is. There’s definitely a lot of pain in Kendall, and I haven’t really met Brian outside of his boundaries.

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