Brett Goldstein reads ‘Twin Peaks’ fan theories to calm down

The ‘Twin Peaks’ superfan said it took her a week to watch ‘Fire Walk with Me’ when it came out: ‘It’s so bloody scary.’

“Ted Lasso” Emmy winner Brett Goldstein may star in one of TV’s most feel-good series, but his personal tastes get a little darker.

Goldstein embraced his passion for “Twin Peaks,” explaining the Species cover story that he and his sister crushed their father watching the 1990 premiere and became “obsessed” with the David Lynch series.

“We were so scared that I took the mattress from my room to my sister’s and put it next to her bed. We were obsessed with the show, and we were so terrified that we could scare ourselves by saying, “Bob,” Goldstein said, referring to the show’s supernatural main antagonist.

But it was the 1992 prequel, “Fire Walk with Me,” that really shocked the young Goldstein. (And he wasn’t alone, as the film has now become a cult classic, but received wildly divided reactions at the time.)

“When they made ‘Fire Walk with Me’ (the movie) ‘Fire Walk with Me,’ it actually took us a week to watch because we could only watch 10-minute chunks at a time. It’s so scary. I still love. The last episode, nothing scarier in the history of television. Can you put this up?”

Goldstein added, “I love reading about ‘Twin Peaks.’ I like to think of Twin Peaks. It is in my mind now and forever.”

He continued: “Here’s a secret about me that I haven’t told anyone. Here’s the scoop: People ask, “What do you do to relax?” What always makes me happy is finding ‘Twin Peaks’ fan theories.”

Goldstein noted that the revived series, 2017’s “Twin Peaks: The Return,” was “gorgeous” and “five-star” in his opinion. “Unbelievable. How did it happen?” he said.

Goldstein previously quoted “Twin Peaks” in his 2022 Emmy Awards speech and said GQ UK that the surreal series was the “greatest show” ever made.

“It changed my life,” Goldstein said. “A lot of movies have copied it and they should be ashamed. It also has a sex scene famous for saying, “Oh, isn’t it?” It’s an amazing sex scene, but you’ll also cry.”

“Ted Lasso” will end with the currently running 3rd season.

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