‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Mark Margolis Has Died At 83

Actor Mark Margolis, known for his work on “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” has died. Margolis was 83.

Mark Margolis Seen Having Coffee in Tribeca

The actor’s son, Morgan, reportedly broke the news of his father’s passing. The actor reportedly passed at New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. (per Variety)

Margolis’ manager issued a statement announcing the actor’s passing. “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” were only a few of the 83-year-old’s known credits; he was also known for his role in 1983’s landmark film, “Scarface.” Before breaking into show business professionally, Margolis accumulated many theater roles.

As of this writing, few details have been shared regarding Margolis’ passing.

‘Breaking Bad’s Mark Margolis Has Died

Business associate, Henry Eshelman, issued a statement on Friday morning regarding Margolis’ passing.

Margolis had passed in the company of his family in “his beloved and longtime home of New York City” after experiencing a “short illness,” according to Eshelman’s statement. (per TV News Check)

The “Breaking Bad” actor’s manager called Margolis “One of a kind. We won’t see his likes again. He was a treasured client and a lifelong friend. I was lucky to know him,” Robert Kolker’s statement read. Margolis had been a client of Kolker’s since 2007.

According to TV News Check, the actor was survived by his wife, and their only son, his son’s wife, and their three sons. Margolis and his wife, also 83, had been married for 61 years.

Later in life, Margolis received an Emmy nomination for his work on “Breaking Bad,” He would also guest-star on “Better Call Saul” a number of times throughout the series’ run.

Margolis Had Several Guest Appearances On Well-Known Television Shows Throughout The Years

The “Breaking Bad” actor was also known for his numerous guest appearances on many TV shows


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