Bre Tiesi Crowns Nick Cannon ‘Best Dad’, Fans Outcry

Bre Tiesi is clapping back at online trolls who criticize her unusual mixed-race family with Nick Cannon.

Tiesi, who shares nine-month-old son Legendary Love Cannon with the TV presenter, who also has 11 other children with different women, defended the rapper from his followers over the Easter holidays after he posted adorable pictures of his family on Instagram. .

Bre Tiesi crowns Nick Cannon ‘Best Dad’ at the Easter bash

Despite fans calling out Cannon for his reputation of impregnating several women, Tiesi has remained a big supporter of the media personality and never hesitates to confront anyone who questions his fathering abilities.

Bre Tiesi Nick Cannon and his son celebrate a Legendary Easter

The “Sunset for Sale” star, who was celebrating the Easter holiday with his family, brought it with him Instagram to post a carousel of three heartwarming pictures featuring her, her son and the ‘Gigolo’ rapper.

In the first picture, the trio sat in a beautiful yard decorated with various colored Easter eggs and a large, custom-made fake carrot.

While Cannon wore a pink turtleneck sweater paired with brown khakis and a white cap, Tiesi looked gorgeous in a sun yellow sleeveless dress with a side slit at the bottom of the dress. Her black wavy hair was parted in the middle.

Meanwhile, their nine-month-old son Legendary Love donned a nude two-piece top and pants. The adorable trio, who posed in a family portrait style, grinned widely for the camera as colorful flowers in the background of their snap added a magical touch to their photo.

In the second slide, the family assumed more relaxed postures and struck carefree poses. While Cannon carried her son in one arm and waved the other in the air, Tiesi adjusted the strap of her dress in style.

On the third slide, their son played with a basket of Easter eggs while media personalities scooted near each other and stared into the camera. Captioning her post, the social media influencer praised Cannon.

She wrote: “When you have the best dad who loves making essential memories with his kids 🥰🐰🐣” 🐰🥕Easter 2023 🐣💛.”

Soon after, Tiesi’s followers immediately took to his comments section to make the controversial comments. One mockingly wrote: “You think it’s all yours? I’m sure other baby mamas feel the same way. Happy Easter.”

In response, the mother of one of the children wrote: “@janeejoyce good hope they do it and all the children as they should”!!

Another commented: “A photo shoot is not a memory. It might take all of Easter.” Calmly responding to the individual, Tiesi wrote: “@Kaylegibsonn you didn’t watch my story lol 😂😂😂👋.”

A third fan asked: “You’re kidding right 😂” To which the influencer replied: “@triceeyy_ says girl unfollow me 😂👋 girl unfollow god don’t like ugly.”

One unimpressed individual commented, “the essential memories”…sacrificing quantity for quality. Your kids are new and it’s a shame.” Not amused by any negativity on her page, Tiesi responded: “@justjohn21 says someone who has no idea how much time she spends with her kids DAILY.”

Sharing sentiments with other critics, one wrote: “Taking pictures on Easter and pretending to be one big happy family doesn’t create ‘core memories’ but 🤷‍♀️ Lmfao 🤣.”

While one polite fan shared her thoughts, writing: ‘I think you’ll be beautiful for him! But as long as you’re happy and healthy that’s all that matters ❤️,” Tiesi replied, returning the same courtesy: “@amyjoydohnuts happy and healthy 😘 Ty.”

Despite the abuses initiated in Tiesi, he did not stop sharing memories of how well the Easter celebration went. Tregarding your Instagram Story, the former model-turned-realtor shared a throwback photo of her and the “Wild N’ Out” host last Easter.

She was pregnant with baby Legendary and celebrated the holiday with Cannon. Immediately, Tiesi changed into black sweatpants and a matching crop top that revealed her growing bump. “Happy Easter” was written on his stomach in red ink. Cannon, dressed as the Easter Bunny, posed next to her and hugged her from behind.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon for Easter 2022

He started posting a fresh picture from this year’s Easter. In a body-hugging nude, bare-belly gown, Tiesi recreated the same pose with Cannon, who wore the same Easter Bunny costume. He captioned the photo, “Easter 2023 🐰🥰.”

Tiesi Revealed Her Son Has A Striking Resemblance With Cannon

When Tiesi isn’t fending off critics on her Instagram page, the Los Angeles native usually updates her supporters with exciting news about her son Legendary and her motherhood journey.

Per The Blastahead of the Easter holidays, Tiesi shared a heartwarming Facetime snapshot of Legendary and the “Feelin’ Freaky” rapper on her Instagram Story.

In the adorable photo capturing the memorable moments between father and son, the rapper is smiling brightly and looking adoringly at his son. However, Legendary didn’t seem to understand the device he was holding.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon for Easter 2023

Commenting on her son’s action, Teisi humorously explained: “Ledgys new thing is he takes my phone and takes screenshots or hangs up 😂😂😂… but I love it.” He also pointed out, “Also, hmmm, he got his dad’s whole face 👀🙄😂…”

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