Bravolebrities chimes in on Kim Zolciak’s divorce, it’s a mixed bag

Ouch! Bravolebrites seem to have a lot to say Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann shocking divorce.

Bethenny Frankel fired!

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Bethenny Frankel has been one of the most vocal about the ongoing divorce between Kroy and Kim Biermann. He is mainly bothered by the accumulated amount of money, and now they just cancel him!

He took to TikTok to BLAST the soon-to-be-divorced couple over their embarrassing marriage and money woes. “I heard all the rumors about the ban and I thought to myself, ‘Marriage is hard enough to bring other people into your life and highlight it on TV, I did it for a short time and I paid the price,'” she reminds her followers.

Frankel was annoyed that the couple asked for privacy when they have been on TV for years. “We were called into this life,” he says. “And there have always been people who seemed to be spending more than they were.”

Bethenny reminded the couple that you can’t spend more than you earn. “I heard that Kim and Kroy owe the IRS a million dollars each with good pay,” Frankel said without hesitation. “If you want to play, you damn well have to pay.”

Lala Kent felt validated, Bravo producers were shocked

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THE Vanderpump Rules star shared that he felt he made the right decision. Please don’t get me wrong; he is not happy that this couple is six. Children in the mix go their separate ways. He says it’s another notch in his belt for staying single.

“The other side! It’s just another indication of what I want in my life.” Kent continues, “No partner, no partner, no! It’s not happening, it’s not happening,” he said firmly. Kent explained his decision.

“I can control; I can’t control other people.” He doesn’t like all the “maybes.” “Maybe they’ll last forever, maybe they’ll tell you everything,” he said as an example. For Kent, it’s an “obligation.” Instead, he’d be doing what he’s doing now on VPR.

Even some of the Bravo producers join the conversation and are just as shocked as the rest of the family. “The news of Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann’s divorce really upsets me. It is culturally and historically more significant than III. The coronation of King Charles and his spinster consort.”

Followers are divided on Bethenny Frankel’s reaction

Bravolebrities arrive at Kim Zolciak's divorce, it's sure to be mixed!As you can see in the clip posted above, Frankel had a big reaction to the news, and even more to the million dollar tax question. “Why is he so angry? Not his money or his marriage. Kim and Kroy Superfan,” one follower joked.

Bravolebrities arrive at Kim Zolciak's divorce, it's sure to be mixed!Another follower said Frankel did too much. “But Bethenny is right about this and all other similar scenarios. Bravo should entice thrifty hosts. So sad to hear about Kim and Kroy,” they wrote.

Many fans think this is a suspicious move from the couple, who always seem so obsessed with each other. Kroy sat in the car for hours waiting for Kim to film her scenes with the RHOA ladies back in the day.

Bravolebrities arrive at Kim Zolciak's divorce, it's sure to be mixed!This is loyalty; he could have run a few errands or been on the grocery list for their children together.

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