Brad Pitt describes his ‘Larry David moment’ in LA Traffic

The Oscar winner revealed that she channels “Curb Your Enthusiasm” when it comes to Los Angeles traffic.

Brad Pitt doesn’t hold back on his lack of enthusiasm for Los Angeles traffic.

The Oscar winner revealed his biggest “favorite pain”. W Magazinecomparing his frustrations to Larry David’s character in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’.

“You know what my favorite—my Larry David moment—is?” That’s when people are in the passing lane and they’re going as slow as everyone else in the normal lane,” Pitt said of driving in Los Angeles. “They’re blocking the whole thing and there’s no getting around it.” I have to move. And when I feel trapped, I have Larry David by my side.

He added: “I’ve been trying to be nicer lately. I might blink. Maybe something will come of it. I might look in the rearview mirror a few times to see if that helps.

While Pitt can relate to “Seinfeld” producer David, the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star also noted that he has a deep connection with his “Babylon” character. “I think there’s a weariness that takes over the character as you go along,” Pitt said of playing an aging Hollywood star. “There’s a world-weariness that I can definitely relate to a little bit.”

Pitt continued: “Right now, more of us are trying to tear each other down than help each other. I’m getting a little tired.”

Perhaps Pitt can carry that weariness into the next season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which returns for a 12th season on HBO. Jeff Garlin, Vince Vaughn, Richard Lewis, and Ted Danson are back as series regulars, and the usual slew of celebrities still remain under wraps.

“Playing Larry David has been the greatest honor of my life,” lead actor David said in the Season 12 announcement. “While researching this versatile, multi-faceted man, I discovered that there is more to him than I could have ever imagined: he speaks six languages, pickles his own pickles, and is spearheading a national movement to install bidets in every home. I have also been told by several sources that he is the most generous of lovers. I am so excited to be this force of nature again.”

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