Bill Hader wants to direct a horror film after Barry

Hader said he was developing three new films, including a horror comedy that would star him.

As “Barry” ends its four-season run on HBO next month, Bill Hader is setting his sights on filmmaking.

Hader directed some of the series’ most acclaimed episodes and received two Emmy nominations the veteran comedian’s debut film will be a highly anticipated event among cinephiles.

In a new interview with him Deadline, Hader revealed that he has written three film scripts that he is currently developing. While keeping plot details for all three projects under wraps, he said he co-wrote one with one of “Barry’s” closest collaborators. And in an even more intriguing development, he teased that he might dip his toe into the horror space.

“I wrote (a project) with Duffy Boudreau, one of the writers on the show. He’s my best friend from Tulsa. We’ve known each other since we were 18, so that’s what we need on set. You need a friend from Oklahoma to say, “Yeah, dude. It sucks,” Hader said. “We wrote a movie that I want to make at some point, which is pretty much what everyone usually does. They are trying to create a small, tiny thing. And then I have two more ideas. One is hard to describe, and the other has a ‘Barry’ tone, but it’s more like a horror than a crime story.”

Hader explained that while he wanted to direct all three scripts, only the horror film was written to star.

“I would star in the horror movie. I wouldn’t be in the other two right now,” he said. “But I’ve done that before when I talk about things, and then as soon as it turns out, you’re almost completely confused.” So, we’ll see. It’s always the thing you focus on, the thing that’s going well, and then this thing here that you’re half thinking about, that’s what (takes off). I mean, that’s what happened to ‘Barry’.

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