‘Big Shark’ Trailer: Tommy Wiseau Returns After ‘The Room’

Twenty years after “The Room”, writer-director Wiseau is back on the screen.

Tommy Wiseau can’t jump the shark: Him there is the shark.

The writer-director-star (author?) of “Room” is officially returning with his first feature film in 20 years. Following the madness of the B-movie “Sharknado” franchise and its spinoffs, “Big Shark” follows three firefighters as they work to save New Orleans from a massive shark.

The tagline reads: “Can New Orleans Survive?”

The trailer has been shown to audiences at ‘The Room’ for the past few months, but the official trailer is now available online. “Big Shark” opens nationally on April 2, debuting at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon, followed by New Orleans (April 28 and 29), San Francisco (May 5 and 6), Los Angeles ( June 2nd and 3rd) ), and at Village East Angelika in New York (August 10th, 11th and 12th).

Wiseau will appear in person at the branded “Pre Premier” screenings, and the official final version of “Big Shark” will not be released until eight months after its theatrical release.

Wiseau wrote, directed and stars in “Big Shark,” starring Isaiah LaBorde and Mark Valeriano. “Big Shark” was first announced in 2019, with “The Room” alum Greg Sestero playing one of the leads. Sestero’s telling memoir about the making of the 2003 cult classic “The Room” was adapted into the Golden Globe Award-winning and Oscar-nominated 2017 film “The Disaster Artist,” starring James Franco, Seth Rogen and Dave Franco.

“Big Shark” Wiseau returns to feature directing after helming the short documentary “Homeless in America” (2004) and creating the Hulu series “The Neighbors” (2015). Wiseau starred in the 2017 thriller Best F(r)iends, written by Sestero.

“The Room” recently made headlines again thanks to an upcoming remake that stars Bob Odenkirk as Johnny, as originally played by Wiseau. The remake commemorates the 20th anniversary of the San Francisco-set film, with proceeds benefiting amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research. “The Room” follows unlucky-in-love romantic Johnny as he deals with his fiancée who cheated on him with her best friend. THE at first sight the philanthropic remake features the original cast, Sestero, on the set of the remake.

“I’m not making fun of Tommy’s performance, or even the script. I go, “This is your script. Bob Odenkirk, this is your part. How are you going to make it real and feel legit?” said Emmy-winning Odenkirk. “My dream is for you to watch it and, even for a scene or two, go, ‘Wow, okay! This is a real movie, I would watch it! Just take a moment to think, “I’m watching a real show and I’m actually a little moved by ‘The Room’?

“Big Shark” opens in select theaters on April 2, with a nationwide release in the coming months.

Watch the trailer below.


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