Bhad Bhabie was involved in a ‘near fatal’ car accident!

Internet personality and rapper Bhad Bhabie seems to have had a near miss as his first car was totaled. In fact, the 19-year-old claimed she almost died, although her original post was deleted.

With a clean slate on Instagram, Bhad Bhabie also has to complain to her Instagram followers, all 16.2 million of them, through her Instagram stories.

Has Bhad Bhabie been involved in a serious car accident?

Bhad Bhabie was in a near fatal car accident
Twitter | Bhad Bhabie

19-year-old Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie, when “Dr. Phil” back in 2016 and uttered a phrase that will forever go down in internet history: “Cash me ousside, what bout dah?”

At the time, Bregoli and her mother were on the show and were interviewed in the segment, “I want to give up on car theft, knife wielding, my 13-year-old daughter trying to frame me for a crime.” Bregoli apparently drove her mother up a wall and even stole a crew member’s car while filming the episode. When the audience laughed at the teenager’s tricks, she became irritated and challenged them, saying: “Catch me outside, how about this?” but it sounded quite different from the affected person’s accent.

She was later known as the “cash me outside” girl and had a few music videos released and opened an OnlyFans account as soon as she turned 18. Despite all that, he seems to have done pretty well, making himself a chunk of cash and buying houses and cars.

Here’s a music video for it:

Only now, it seems, his very first car, a Bentley, has been a total wreck, and he himself has almost failed to say that he almost died.

Bhad Bhabie deleted her car accident post on Instagram

Bhad Bhabie was in a near fatal car accident
Twitter | Bhad Bhabie

Bregoli apparently posted an Instagram post about her supposed car accident, but was disturbed enough to take it down, allegedly because of the horrible comments. At least that’s what he’s indicated on his Instagram stories, so scroll down to see what he has to say.

TheShadeRoom’s Instagram account reposted what Bhad Bhabie had to say about her car accident, saying, “I’m beyond devastated. My first car was totaled and that’s it. If the car wasn’t so heavy, it would probably be dead. It was my first car accident and I’m still excited and don’t want to get in a car again. This experience showed me who really gives and who doesn’t. Thank God I wasn’t driving, but I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

Here is a picture of the “totaled” car!

Aside from the terrible grammar, many also commented on the drama queen, who wrote: “Overall? It’s a scratch. Drive to New York.”

Another user wrote: “The car is nowhere near total, this black girl wants to be such a drama queen.”

The luxury limo definitely had a dent on the right side, but Instagram users felt that he overplayed the accident and was too dramatic about it. Another comment read: “How do you tell her she’s not in danger???”

But many still felt that anyone would be shaken up after a car accident, as one user felt, “it’s crazy that people are joking and calling her dramatic like she’s not young and she’s just so shaken up that she lost her car! you will all be miserable.

More maintained that he felt, “PTSD from a car accident is real.”

The rapper let loose on his Instagram stories

Bhad Bhabie is upset with her fans because of the car accident
Instagram | Bhad Bhabie

No further details are known about the accident, and while she may have deleted her Instagram posts, Bregoli did delete them all, but Bregoli let her fans and followers know she was angry about their alleged comments, writing, “First of all, I keep deleting all my posts. they were just looking for a reason. But anyway, I forgot that I have to keep my business away because everything I say is just a gateway to drag you away. Sh-t weird!”

Then she also wrote, “My post has been deleted, just don’t listen,” followed by the face-palm emoji.

Bhad Bhabie is upset with her fans because of the car accident
Instagram | Bhad Bhabie

It’s clear that the car accident messed him up, and the mean Instagram comments didn’t help. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery, physically and mentally.

RIP Bentley!

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