Beyoncé retains Queen Bey title with maximum Grammy awards

Trevor Noah said, and the world agrees, that Beyoncé is the GOAT After taking home the 2023 Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for her latest album, Renaissance, Beyoncé holds the record for the most Grammys at 32.

However, it lost out to Harry Styles for album of the year, a category it has never won before. Putting that aside, it’s clear that Beyoncé is called Queen Bey for a reason!

Beyoncé thanked her children and the LGBTQ+ community

Beyoncé broke the all-time Grammy record at age 32
Instagram | Beyoncé

When her Grammy tally reached 31, tied with Hungarian-British orchestral and opera conductor Georg Solti for the most Grammys, Beyoncé was stuck in traffic. Host Trevor Noah joked about Los Angeles traffic and assured the crowd that “Beyoncé is really on her way” while winning the Grammy for best R&B song for “Cuff It.”

He won the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for his latest album, Renaissance, and gave a rather emotional acceptance speech in which he gave a special tribute to his family, God and his audience. to the queer community.

Queen Bey began by saying her usual thank you: “Thank you so much. I try not to be too emotional. I will try to bet this night. I want to thank God for protecting me. Thank you God.”

He has since moved in with his family and said: “I want to thank my uncle Johnny who is not here. But he is here in spirit. I would like to thank my parents – my father, my mother, for loving me and pushing me. I want to thank my beautiful husband, my three beautiful children, who are at home watching.”

Finally, she gave a shout out to the LGBTQ+ community and credited the dance/electronic music genre to them: “I want to thank the queer community for your love and for inventing this genre,” Beyoncé said. “God bless. Thank you so much for the Grammy. Thank you.”

Trevor Noah has declared Beyoncé a goat

Beyoncé now holds the record for most Grammy Awards at age 32
Instagram | Beyoncé

2023 Grammys host Trevor Noah seemed even more excited about Beyoncé’s record-breaking win when he declared her the undisputed Goat. After her acceptance speech, Noah bellowed, “Beyoncé did it, everybody! He now holds the all-time record for most Grammy wins, so we can finally put an end to the GOAT debate. It’s done now. Who is the Goat? She’s Beyoncé. Ready. Not LeBron, not Jordan, not Tom Brady, not Messi. Ready. It’s officially done.”

Beyoncé beat Hungarian-British conductor Georg Solti for the maximum number of Grammy awards on Sunday. Solti not only led several renowned orchestras throughout Europe, but also held the post of music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 22 years and won 31 Grammy Awards during his lifetime. And now Beyoncé is 32 and there’s no stopping…

His first Grammy nomination came in 2000 for ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’, while also appearing in ‘Destiny’s Child’, and his first win the following year for ‘Say My Name’ and got bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle. Williams – the first two Grammys.

He was nominated a total of 88 times.

Queen Bey is full of joy

Beyoncé now holds the record for most Grammy Awards at age 32
Instagram | Beyoncé

Beyoncé happily celebrated her first three wins, the last of which tied her with Solti, when she said on Instagram: “We won three years!”

She thanked her fans, Bey’s hive, saying, “To my hive, thank you so much for your love and loyalty! Thank you so much for BREAK MY SOUL and CUFF IT winning!!!”

He then thanked his team: “To The Dream, Tricky, HOV and Big Freedia. I love you! Syd, I’ve always been a big fan of yours. Thanks. Nova Wav, Morten Ristorp, Raphael Saadiq and Nile Rodgers, thank you for uploading CUFF IT. Big thanks to Sabrina Claudio, Nick Green and Patrick Paige II. PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA is my favorite song on RENAISSANCE most days. It’s hard to choose though. Haaa.”

He expressed his gratitude for the awards, as well as his fans, who have brought the popularity of TikTok skyrocketing, saying, “It feels really good to be honored for my singing performance. Thanks to all the talented singers who killed those beautiful TikTok covers! I am very grateful and full of joy!

With the approach of Rennaissance, the fans are also happy!

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