Bethenny Frankel Calls For Donations Amid Hamas Attack On Israel

Bethenny Frankel has taken a stand in the ongoing dispute between Israel and Palestine.

The reality television star has shown her support for Israelis by putting out a video asking for donations from well-meaning fans who want to assist those affected by the war. The announcement comes days after a surprise Hamas attack involving thousands of rockets and fighters crossing the border— an invasion whose magnitude Israel hasn’t seen since its 1948 War of Independence.

Bethenny Frankel Solicits Funds From Well-Meaning Fans Amid Setting Up Camp In War-Torn Israel

Over the weekend, videos and images depicting mosques and residential buildings reduced to rubble in Gaza, Israel while the death toll in the territory climbed to a minimum of 436 people on Monday, flooded social media.

Bethenny Frankel Calls For Donations Following Hamas Attack On Israel
Instagram | Bethenny Frankel

Amid the chaos, Frankel decided to use the same forum to communicate a message that she strongly believed in and would be holding onto for a long time. Starting with a clip that showcased her in a floral long-sleeved outfit, a heart-shaped pendant, and her hair in a bun, the “Real Housewives of New York” alum said:

“Like with Ukraine when that started, I will not tolerate arguing in my comments and discussions about things that don’t include helping people that are human beings, (their) human conditions, innocent victims, and people who have lost their homes, family members. (People) who have nothing. So, if you want to fight other people, please this is not the place.”

Still donning the same floral number, the 52-year-old reappeared in a second video, this time talking about how interested parties could help the Israelis. In her words:

“We do not need you to gather items for donations from large companies around the world. We usually set up an infrastructure where the disaster is, if it’s as far as this one is. And then individual orgs will come to get aid from us for their specific efforts, locations, schools, and wherever they need it.”

After clarifying that what she needed most from her followers and fans was for them to spread the word to donate, Frankel added that people could do “small fundraisers” in their communities if that made them “feel more involved.”


Ditching the “just got out of bed” outfit, the entrepreneur made a third video with a face full of makeup, her dark hair properly styled, and the sun kissing her skin. Here, she expressed:

“We have cargo planes that will be filled with aid going into the area and many people are asking about donating to very specific charities, hospitals but their concern is that they’re not in 501c3 so they’ll take the tax hit. So, we’re donating to specific other orgs based on individual needs.”

The “Bethenny” headliner closed off the footage by instructing viewers to inform her of the charities they wanted to donate to. Besides warning people not to argue about the small stuff in her comments at the start of the Ukraine- Russia war, Frankel had successfully distributed more than 100,000 relief kits, equivalent to approximately $10 million in aid. 

Following the applaudable efforts, she disclosed that while large companies contributed significantly to the cause, the majority of the donations were the smaller “lunch money” donations from individuals. Explaining it at the time, the “Bethenny & Fredik” star shared:

“The majority of the $15 to probably $20 million now in cash is from $5 and $10 donations from individuals. There’s one person who made a seven-figure donation, and one person who made a couple thousand dollar donation, but the rest is really just (enough for) a meal and it’s changing lives.”

Guy Oseary Frowns Against The Attacks On His Country Of Origin

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary leaves her residence in Manhattan after visiting her after her return from the hospital

Three major Hollywood entertainment stars, aside from Frankel, have spoken against the attacks on Israel. As reported by The Blast, these superstars include comedian and actress Amy Schumer, Israeli-born talent manager Guy Oseary, and actress Gal Gadot.

Per the report, Oseary led the charge, taking to Instagram to post viral videos on Instagram highlighting harrowing scenes from the Hamas attacks. The initial slide featured a woman, later confirmed as Noa, pleading for help after being kidnapped, and a man being forcibly taken away by a group of men. In the caption, he wrote: 

“This is horrific.. these murders are being celebrated by the government/regime in Iran. Many women, children, and elderly are being taken from their homes and kidnapped. I have always prayed for peace. ALWAYS. I have always spoken up for my Jewish community and have also spoken up for my Arab brothers and sisters. I have no words today. Only heartbreak. Only tears.” 

Following Oseary’s lead, Schumer reposted the same footage and caption to her own Instagram page, adding her own comment below the writer’s. She stated, “Jewish people are the only group not allowed to defend themselves. This has nothing to do with the occupation.”

On her own Instagram page, Gadot posted a news clip reporting that Hamas militants had kidnapped several Israeli civilians and soldiers amid the attack. Her caption described the dire situation, stating:

“Hamas is holding hostages, controlling bases, and settlements in Israel. There have been over 1,500 injuries, and intense fighting continues. ‘I hear their voices and they are banging on the door. I am with my two little children.’ My heart is aching.”

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