Best roles of Lance Reddick in film and TV

As the world mourns the passing of Lance Reddick, it’s a good time to revisit his extensive filmography.


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When Lance Reddick died unexpectedly Friday morning at the age of 60, the world lost one of its greatest film and television stars. The fact that he passed away just days before he was set to return to the big screen in the highly anticipated “John Wick: Chapter 4” only added to the sense of tragedy. But while his acting career was cut short, Reddick left an incredible body of work that’s always worth revisiting.

To many TV fans, Reddick will always be Cedric Daniels from The Wire. In a career-defining performance, Reddick played one of the few voices of principled morality on a show that took every opportunity to reveal just how corruptible everyone in Baltimore seems. As a police officer, he rose through the ranks despite his steadfast refusal to advance his career by making dodgy deals, serving as a control group that made everyone else’s corruption more glaring. As David Simon’s sprawling masterpiece shifted its focus to a different part of Baltimore each season, Reddick was one of the constants that allowed it to anchor itself in an overarching narrative.

However, Reddick’s filmography encompasses much more than “The Wire.” Throughout his decades-long career, Reddick has seamlessly transitioned between film and television roles, making a big impact in nearly every project he’s appeared in. In his post-“Wire” career, Reddick has appeared in everything from network procedurals to prestige cable dramas. in the niche of independent films and massive blockbusters. From small but pivotal roles in “Oz” and “Lost” to late-breaking hits in “Corporate,” “Resident Evil” and “John Wick,” Reddick brought his charm and famously meticulous work ethic to everything. touched him. The actor was always welcome on the screen until his last days.

As Reddick’s peers in Hollywood — and film and TV fans around the world — mourn his passing, we’ve rounded up the best roles from his 25-year career. This list is not all-inclusive, but includes the performances that best capture the essence of Reddick as a performer.

With editorial contributions by Steve Greene and Sarah Shachat.

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