‘Basketball Wives’ Spinoff Brings Drama to New City

Basketball Wives moves to a new city and focuses on new characters. It’s time for the series another jolt.

More “basketball wives”, please

“Basketball Wives” Spinoff Brings Fresh Faces and Drama in a New City

The popular VH1 reality show has officially begun filming in Orlando! according to a report from The Jasmine brand, the series change started and Basketball Wives, Orlando will be your new favorite drama.

The series started in 2010 in Miami, Florida and ran for five seasons until ending in 2013. The series then moved to Los Angeles. Basketball Wives LA in 2011. It lasted ten seasons and is still going strong.

Some old cast members from L.A. are reportedly returning for 11th season as Evelyn Lozada, who is known to be a bit of a troublemaker and has had her fair share of physical fights with the cast.

He didn’t leave on the best of terms and now he’s coming back…who will he align with is the question everyone on the internet has been asking since the announcement.

“Basketball Wives, Orlando”

'Basketball Wives' Spinoff Brings Fresh Faces and Drama in a New City

Casting for Orlando has not been confirmed, but one person reportedly attached to the spinoff is Mehgan James. Since his time Bad Girls Club, fans know James and tons of other Zeus productions like ‘Baddies ATL’ and ‘Notorious Queens’.

In addition, he appeared in one of the disastrous seasons Basketball Wives LA Fights broke out, enemies yelled at each other, and James stood in the middle and stood his ground. One thing he does deal with is that he has a kid at a ball game, which qualifies him for the show.

His fans Basketball Wives Clearly, being married to a ballplayer is far from a requirement to be on the show.

Mehgan James is not married

'Basketball Wives' Spinoff Brings Fresh Faces and Drama in a New City

Although James is not married, he has previous relationships with basketball players that make him eligible for the reality show. One important one is Kedrick Brown, a former Boston Celtics player. It lasted for a considerable time and became common knowledge.

As for who else will be joining the new cast, it’s pretty tight-lipped. Some people guessed that Basketball Wives Fan favorite Draya Michele may return to the show. The actress indicated that she doubts a return to reality TV.

The franchise has struggled of late. Fans regularly took to social media after one episode aired each week and blasted the cast for acting beyond their years and arguing over pointless things.

The last season ended on a low note, but perhaps a revival in a new city with a younger-looking cast could attract the attention of fans who gave up on the series long ago.

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