“Barbarian” filmmaker Zach Cregger joins the “companion” project

“Barbarian” filmmaker Zach Cregger your next project is ready. After the success of “Barbarian,” Cregger is producing a new sci-fi thriller called “Companion” at New Line Cinema. The Hollywood Reporter.

While Cregger will not be directing this film, he helped spearhead the project to speed up production at the studio.

“Barbarian” filmmaker Zach Cregger is producing “Companion” at New Line Cinema

Cregger is producing the sci-fi thriller Companion for Warner Bros. Pictures’ New Line Cinema. Although Cregger is not directing this, it will be directed by Drew Hancock, who also wrote the screenplay.

Cregger is a hot commodity right now and looks like he’ll have a lot more leverage to do anything going forward. New Line has already won a heated auction for Cregger’s next directorial project, ‘Guns’ Deadlineand the studio will be working with him again for this sci-fi project.

Cregger is producing “Companion” with Raphael Margules and JD Lifshitz at BoulderLight Pictures and Vertigo’s Roy Lee. This is the same filmmaking and production team for Cregger’s directorial debut, “The Barbarian.”


Cregger’s song “Barbarian” was a big hit last year. Critics raved about the film, which scored 92% Rotten tomatoes. The film was made on a budget of $4 million compared to most blockbusters and ended up grossing $45 million worldwide, making it extremely profitable. As a result, Cregger was able to land a lucrative deal with New Line for “Guns.”

Details of “Companion” are currently being kept under wraps. However, the sci-fi project is reportedly being fast-tracked to begin production in 2023, according to THR. THR also notes that Cregger originally planned “Companion” as a sequel to “Barbarian” for BoulderLight Pictures before finally coming up with “Weapons” late last year. His next directorial effort is being called a “Magnolia-esque horror epic.”

Although Cregger isn’t directing “Companion,” he believes in the project enough to stay on as a producer, helping secure the deal at New Line, get the green light and start production. He also backed Hancock to make his directorial debut on the new project.


What’s also notable about “Weapons” and “Companion” is that they will be original projects, so there won’t be sequels, reboots or remakes of existing properties, or new comic book superhero movies.

Hancock’s background is primarily in TV, having worked on shows like “Blue Mountain State,” “Suburgatory” and “My Dead Ex.” In comparison, Cregger comes from a largely comedy and acting background, having worked on shows like “The Whitest Kids U’Know,” “Friends With Benefits” and “Wrecked.” He has now become one of Tinseltown’s hottest filmmakers. She also starred in the 2009 comedy “Miss March,” about two kids who embark on a hectic journey to infiltrate the Playboy Mansion.

Cregger’s experience has served him well, and it’s likely what helped make “The Barbarian” such a unique visionary horror experience. The film stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård of IT fame and Justin Long. Currently, “Weapons” and “Companion” do not have release dates. Cregger’s directorial debut, “Barbarian,” is now streaming on HBO Max.

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