Bam Margera Says He’s Sober and Wants Joint Custody of His Son

Bam Margera claims that he is doing better with his sobriety and, as a result, has filed papers for joint custody of his son, Phoenix, who he says he’s blocked from visiting.

The “Jackass” star previously accused his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd, of preventing him from even calling Phoenix. The TV personality has had a very public battle with substance abuse and has been to multiple treatment centers.

Margera stated that his sobriety journey is going well, especially with help from former NBA star Lamar Odom. 

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Bam Margera Says He’s Sober And Wants Joint Custody Of His Son

Bam Margera, his wife, and son.
Instagram | Bam Margera

After a recent court hearing in Los Angeles, Margera spoke to TMZ about being kept away from his son. The “Jackass” star is requesting joint custody of Phoenix from his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd. He said that Boyd should agree to split custody of their son and allow overnight visits on alternate weekends.

Margera, who has had a very public battle with substance abuse, claimed in court documents obtained by the news outlet that he’s sober, in therapy, and receiving other treatments, and for these reasons, should be allowed to see his son.

In the filings, the former “Jackass” star also alleged that Boyd has a history of substance abuse which he expected would make her more understanding of his struggles.

He Claims Boyd Blocks His Visits

Bam Margera and wife
Instagram | Bam Margera

Speaking to TMZ, Margera explained that Boyd wants to completely remove him from Phoenix’s life by painting him as an “armed” person. He said, “It’s really hard being in California knowing my son is in Burbank and you know, I could be hugging him in 10 minutes if I wanted but she ghosts my calls.”

Margera explained that it’s “been months” since he had any access to his son, noting that Boyd is trying to make him look bad even though he currently cares for an eight-year-old child. He said, “I take care of an eight-year-old named Isabel. I live with her, I get to take her to the movies and take her to the park, but when it comes to Phoenix..”

The former stuntman added, “I’ve never even carried a knife or shot a gun…”

Margera said Boyd wants people to see him like a “loose cannon and she knows how to push (his) buttons by ghosting (him).” Margera’s lawyer was also present and said their team is doing everything possible to get him full access to the little boy.

Bam Margera Says Lamar Odom Is Helping Him

Bam Margera

In his conversation with TMZ, Margera also shared an update on his recovery from his substance addiction. This comes about a month after he threatened fans that he’d smoke crack to death if he weren’t allowed to see Phoenix. The star shared that he’s now “doing well with sobriety” and receiving help from Lamar Odom.

Odom is a former NBA star who’s also publicly struggled with substance addiction and offered help to Margera and gave him a place at his own Odom Wellness Treatment Center.

He said, “I’m trying a different approach. I’m with a girl right now, she’s a model and fitness trainer, she’s keeping me on point. We’ve been going back and forth to Oceanside.”

Margera added, “I’m very aware that alcohol is not good. I need a sober coach to be around me. I don’t need to be locked in a room.”

Nicole Boyd Says She’s Protecting Their Son

Bam Margera and his wife
Instagram | Bam Margera

TMZ also spoke to Boyd, where she explained her stance on the matter. She refuted the TV personality’s claims and said his behavior has been “extremely scary.” Boyd said she had to put their son first and protect him.

When asked about Margera’s attempts at being sober, she said, “I haven’t seen anything that’s really consistent, and he has to really want it, and I just haven’t seen that yet. And yeah, I’m terrified that I’m going to get that phone call…”

She added about Margera’s behavior, saying, “It’s scary, his behavior has been extremely scary, and automatically I’m going to choose our son. And he’s put us in some extremely dangerous situations where I’ve had to remove us. Yeah, so it’s scary.”

As reported by The Blast in June, Boyd claimed in a court document that Margera “held a knife to his own throat and yelled threatening words at (her).” She also claimed that she tried to support Margera while he was in rehab despite the alleged knife incident.

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