Bam Margera is erratic, placed on 5150 Psych Moon

Bam Margera’s struggles continue. THE former reality TV star he was taken into custody and is currently in 5150 custody.

Bam Margera spirals

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

The former Jackass The star was involuntarily taken into custody this weekend after being found acting out of character at a Trejo’s Taco location in Los Angeles. TMZ first reported the public meltdown on Sunday night.

Margera was approached by the police, who were called to the scene by onlookers who were concerned about her behavior and slurred speech. Margera had recently threatened to kill herself, so this was a big problem.

So, coupled with this behavior, the authorities were too concerned to leave him on the street that he might disturb pedestrians and other people eating tacos at Danny Trejo’s restaurant. Police called in a psychiatric team, who deemed him incompetent and in need of evaluation.

72 hours until Bam Margera’s release

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

Margera’s 5150 device can last up to 72 hours, if doctors need it to last that long. The pro skater has since remained silent and it is unclear if he will continue to be detained or if he will be released and go back to the streets.

On Sunday, the pro skater’s brother, Jess Margera, took to Twitter to ask for help in finding Bam. Later in the evening, Jess tweeted that her brother had been found, but didn’t reveal any details about what was going on or her brother’s condition when he was found, especially after what she revealed about Bam.

“Found safe 🙏 he texted me and my parents at 6am this morning saying he loves us, loves Phoenix and is at peace” and took enough pills to stop his heart,” she wrote. The tweet continues. “And something heartbreaking dark sh*t. Thanks to everyone who shared the info today.”

Bam Margera is threatened with being tall


As recently as last week, Margera publicly stated that he wouldn’t worry about overdosing unless he could see his 5-year-old son, who he shares with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd.

“I haven’t seen Phoenix in two damn months,” he said. “I have to wake up every day knowing that I probably won’t talk to him or see him.” He continues. “I’m going to smoke cigarettes with the bums on the f-king boardwalk until I die unless you give me the f-king Phoenix.” Go to work Nikki or anyone who wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

ThenBoyd’s attorney said he “truly hopes that Bam will first achieve and then maintain his sobriety for the sake of himself and their son.”

Bam Margera is legally separated

Bam Margera, his wife and son.

Boyd’s attorney revealed that the addiction took its toll on Margera, but he is not surprised by this outcome. “Unfortunately, addictions don’t work that way. People’s behavior doesn’t make other people drink.”

The pair appeared together on Bam’s Unholy Union, but as soon as the show ended, the couple’s relationship was hit by allegations of abuse. Domestic abuse, drug abuse and alcohol consumption.

Boyd filed for divorce from Bam in February. The former skater has been to rehab several times and so far has escaped each time. In March, she accused him of kicking her and was arrested. A few weeks later, he was arrested again for public intoxication.

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