Bam Margera is a free man headed to celebrity rehab

Bam Margera switched off 5150 psychiatric hold, a free man locked up after 72 hours. The next step is purification.

Bam Margera Rehab-ing in Style

Jackass star Bam Margera spotted at strip club in Las Vegas amid divorce proceedings

The former professional skater is taking steps to clean up his life and get rid of everything that’s on the streets and acting like a plum nut. He went straight to a rehab center run by Lamar Odom.

Sources share that she was greeted by Odom who was there to pick her up when she was released from the hospital on Wednesday. The 43-year-old man a it’s a bit harsh but grounded. THE Long live La Bam star is probably the throws of detoxification.

After detoxification, he will be transferred to Odom’s other facility, where he will begin the real work! Odom, 43, previously publicly offered Margera refuge at one of his detox centers. He has long invested in the former reality star getting the help he needs.

Bam Margera wanted help

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

According to the former MTV star TMZ, he was said to be “susceptible to rehabilitation”. Even at the first meeting, he “hugs” Odom. Odom has two facilities in Southern California, so Bam can choose one if he wants to stay local.

The truth is that Odom and no one else has revealed which facility Margera is going to, but does it even matter now that she’s getting help to make her life better? Odom’s three facilities are Project West in San Diego, Wavelengths in Huntington Beach, California, and Gold Bridge Addiction Center in Louisburg, Kansas.

Margera is said to focus excessively on grooming for several reasons, but the main reason is her son, Phoenix (5).

Bam Margera can’t see his son

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

In a shocking video, Margera stated online that she would “smoke crack” until she died unless she could have access to her son, from whom she is currently estranged. He ended up in the public 5150 hold shortly after the threat.

“I haven’t seen Phoenix in two freaking months,” Margera said. “I have to wake up every day knowing that I probably won’t talk to him or see him.” The banter continued and got weirder and weirder.

“I’m going to smoke cigarettes with the bums down the goddamn boardwalk until I die unless you give me up, goddamn Phoenix.” He then called Nikki Boyd, his son’s mother, by name. “Go to work, Nikki, or anyone who wants to help.” I want Phoenix.”

Margera last saw her son on March 29, and the interaction did not go well. Video clips of Margera and Boyd arguing have been uploaded.

Bam Margera has plenty of legal problems

Bam Margera is seen after being released from jail after being arrested for trespassing

Margera’s estranged wife, Boyd, filed for divorce from Margera in 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. She went to court to file for full custody and asked the court to award her spousal support along with legal and physical custody of their child.

Through his lawyer, he says he’s tried to keep Margera in their son’s life and has no problem letting her into Phoenix on two conditions: He’s in California and he’s sober.

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