Azealia Banks points out ‘karmic’ similarities in Jacky Oh’s death

Azealia Banks he’s on his dirty behavior again and speaks wildly about the unfortunate death of Jacky Oh.

Azealia Banks can’t be serious

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Like everyone else, the singer was shocked to learn this Wild N’ Out alum Jacky Oh has passed away. She was in her early thirties and had undergone a surgical procedure that has become very popular in the last few years.

Banks shared with her followers that she believes Jacky’s passing has everything to do with her man DC Young Fly’s alleged hatred of women, especially black women. His message comes just a few days after the news of his death.

Jacky hasn’t been buried yet and Banks is already going inside. “Hell, Dc Young Fly has spent years disguising his own deep-seated self-loathing as jokes about women’s beauty.

He can perfectly project his feelings about his ugliness to women in their skin,” he writes. The long message continues. “Say what you will about my tears. They were pure tears of rage. And not a sign of weakness at all. Because in the end I won.” Fans wanted to know, “what did you win, sister?”

Azealia Banks draws attention to 'karmic' similarities in Jacky Oh's death after surgery

Azealia Banks says she’s moved on

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Banks insists she’s over it. “I’m glad I cried and moved on,” she writes, before laying into the deceased influencer. “That Jackie o girl must have been so deeply insecure about herself,” he suggests.

“And the nerve of DC to call such a beautiful woman like Azealia Banks ugly on national television while a bunch of black people were laughing.” For some reason he was talking about himself in the third person.

The strange howling continued in a second post. “And ironically, he died at 32, exactly my 32ndn.d birthday May 31, 2023 in Miami, FL.” He ended the rant by saying, “You scumbags will learn to stop messing with me.”

Jacky O was Mother

Doctor Whose Table Influencer Jacky Oh has reportedly died after receiving online threats

Jacky Oh’s death was felt on social media. His peers and friends celebrated the influencer and prayed for his family during the unexpected event. B. Simone started a Patreon page to grieve with just those affected by Jacky’s death.

The last post Jacky shared was about what she did best, being a mother. She shared a video of her three sleeping children, including her youngest who is under one year old. His partner DC has yet to say anything about his death.

‘Wild N’ Out’ showed love

Doctor Whose Table Influencer Jacky Oh has reportedly died after receiving online threats

The family shared a sweet, heartfelt message about Jacky and his untimely death on the popular MTV show.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jacklyn Smith, known to the world as Jacky. Oh, a talented Wild N’ Out family member whose influence will be forever treasured and missed. Jacky Oh was a loving friend and beloved colleague of the cast of Wild N’ Out for five seasons. More importantly, she was a great mother to three beautiful children. BET Media Group extends our sincere condolences to the Smith family, DC Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon and all the friends who loved and cared for Jacky Oh during this difficult time.”

The doctor who allegedly performed the surgery deals with feedback from social media sites that love him. Surgeon Dr. Zachary Iyore Okhah has had terrible reviews online, with many claiming that his post-surgery care practices were terrible.

Jacky O was found unresponsive in a hotel room after her ‘mommy makeover’ in Miami.

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