Avril Lavigne has reportedly called off her engagement to Mod Sun

Avril Lavigne he reportedly called off his engagement to a rock singer Mod Sun, days after declaring that it “saved” and “changed” his life. According to reports, Lavigne made the difficult decision to finally end their relationship a year after Mod Sun proposed to her in Paris.

Mod Sun and Lavigne’s split comes hours after they were spotted hanging out with rapper Tyga. The duo were seen embracing before going their separate ways.

A few days ago, Mod Sun opened up about his battle with addiction and how his then-fiancée Lavigne helped change his life and made him mature and settle down.

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Avril Lavigne Has Called Of Her Engagement To Mod Sun

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

According to the report TMZ, Pop punk artist Lavigne called off her engagement to Mod Sun a year after he was spotted in Paris.

A source at the news outlet claims that the couple tried their best to make things work between them, but eventually had to break up. The source also shared that neither party cheated.

Prior to the news of their divorce, Lavigne was seen having dinner with Tyga at the famous restaurant Nobu. Dressed in casual clothes, the pair were said to be extremely comfortable with each other and shared an intimate hug in the parking lot. Their meeting should not be anything suspicious as they have reportedly hung out as friends several times over the years.

Lavigne and Mod Sun seemed to be going strong and even walked down the aisle, so the news of the split left fans completely shaken.

Mod Sun proposed to Avril Lavigne in Paris

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

Last year, Mod Sun, 35, proposed to Lavigne during a trip to Paris. The couple also shared the news on Instagram along with photos of the romantic moment.

Mod Sun took to his IG page to share a round of photos of himself and Lavigne as he got down on one knee and proposed to her. The couple looked happy in all the photos as they took a romantic tour of the city of love.

One picture shows a close-up of Lavinge’s stunning diamond engagement ring, while another shows the pair hugging and kissing on a love boat.

After his proposal, he wrote a sweet poem for Avril Lavigne

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

Mod Sun the photo series a sentimental message To Lavigne in the form of a poem. He wrote: “The day we met I knew you were the one/ Forever together until our days end/ I had a dream I proposed to myself in Paris/ I pulled out a ring + asked her to wear it.”

The singer continued, “I was on one knee looking into your eyes./You’re too beautiful for my words to describe./ I held your hand + took one last breath… Did I say you’re coming to me? + he said “yes.”/ I love you Avril.

For her part, Lavigne signed her engagement announcement in French: “Oui! Je t’aime pour toujours Dimanche. 27. Mars. 2022.”

Based on TMZ, a source claims the pair got engaged three days ago before Mod Sun went on tour, so their sudden split could be news to her. The source said: “They were together and engaged for 3 days when he went on tour, so if anything has changed, it’s news to him.”

According to Mod Sun, Avril Lavigne has changed her life

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

While talking Oh! news Mod Sun recently opened up about how his ex-fiancée Lavigne has been a positive influence in his life. The “Battle Scars” singer claimed that she has undergone many positive transformations thanks to the pop-punk princess.

“I have found such a companion in this world, who will go through the chaos that life gives,” he said at the time. “I found that person. I’m with a real grown woman who’s been through this 10 times and makes me a better person.”

Mod Sun talked about how being with Lavigne made her cool with “maturity,” adding that it helped her realize she wasn’t a “childish, messy” person.

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