Aussie bar turns after Malone for face tattoo

Post Malone doesn’t get great service in Australia.

Although the multi-hyphenated man has made a name for himself in his home country – and the world in general – his popularity did nothing when he walked into a bar in the world’s sixth largest country over the weekend. The “Sunflower” artist was reportedly locked out of the institution when he tried to patronize them, no thanks to the many tattoos adorning his body.

Post Malone turned away by Australian bar security

Although he is free to enter any establishment in the United States, Malone discovered that the accepted dress code at the QT Hotel in Perth, Australia is slightly different. The rapper-singer, heavily inscribed with at least 12 tattoos, had words like “Always tired” drawn under his eyes, barbed wire tattooed on his hairline, and a thin sword drawn across his face.

The words “Stay Away” are also ironically etched above his eyebrows, bringing to life the events that took place when he tried to enter the hotel’s rooftop bar. Malone was asked to leave the bar by security for violating their strict policy that prohibits “face, neck and offensive tattoos.”

The Australian Bar literally reads Malone's face tattoo back to him
Instagram | Post Malone

“I was rejected because of my tattoos. “I’ve never really experienced anything like this,” the “White Iverson” hitmaker shared in disbelief after the incident. With nothing to offer him at the QT hotel, Malone took his coins to the 18 Knots rooftop bar, where security discreetly let him in.

The 27-year-old reportedly mingled with his fans, even buying them drinks, before spending some quality time with his team. When Malone appeared in second place, QT prepared an apology for the Daily Mail Australia from a representative. The statement read:

“At QT, we strive to welcome everyone and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. QT has been recognized for this for years. However, on Saturday night, our external security service did not use the appropriate discretion, so we take full responsibility. We sincerely apologize to those affected.”

Malone – real name Austin Richard Post – is in Australia on his Twelve Carat tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fans are worried about the health of the “Rockstar” singer

Fans expressed concern about the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star after he appeared slimmer on stage than they remembered. The Blast noted this Malone’s reps have addressed the apparent weight loss, claiming that her previous weight gain was due to a film role.

She is said to have shed the extra pounds after filming ended by working out and following a strict diet and exercise routine. Sources also added that staying up all the time and doing 90-minute sets every other night contributed significantly to Malone’s new form.

The Australian Bar literally reads Malone's face tattoo back to him
Instagram | Post Malone

Even his father Richard chimed in by answering a worried fan’s questions about his son’s health, writing: ‘Healthiest he’s been in years! Mentally and physically.”

Richard’s words seemed to contradict what happened shortly after Malone began his tour when he canceled a concert in Boston due to complications from earlier rib injuries. To that end, the Billboard Music Award winner posted a statement on social media that began:

“Boston, I love you so much.” I usually wake up around 4pm on tour, and today I woke up with a cracking sound on the right side of my body.”

Malone added that while he “felt so good last night,” things felt different when he woke up in the morning. The iHeartRadio Music Award winner continued:

“It’s really hard to breathe and it’s like a stabbing pain when I breathe or move.” He also explained to his fans that the discomfort will not allow him to give them the show they deserve, but he will make up for it.”

Malone also assured fans that their tickets for the event “will be valid for the time now scheduled.” He ended by apologizing again and declaring his affection for the city, vowing to “make it up to you. I love you Boston, see you soon.”

He initially injured his ribs after falling through a trapdoor during a concert performance.

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