Attorney Tory Lanez Reveals Allegations of False Eyewitness Credentials

Tory Lanez is seeking a new trial as her lawyer informs fans about the misleading eyewitness testimony used in the case.

The battle between the “Say It” rapper and Megan Thee Stallion began in 2020 after the female artist was shot in the leg. Since naming the Canadian entertainer as her attacker, the pair have been at the center of heated debate over the incident.

However, the jury found the 30-year-old guilty in 2022. Following his conviction, the father of one actively fought for a retrial based on improper procedures. Read on to learn more about the case’s latest update.

Tory Lanez’s defense attorney, Clgoals The rapper was convicted due to bad eyewitness accounts

Tory Lanez's attorney claims false testimony on appeal

Jose Baez, the criminal defense attorney responsible for his hilarious case, recently turned to his Instagram Story to share shocking truths about your client’s trial.

Above a picture of him in a suit, the lawyer’s message indicated that the jury had found Lanez guilty after hearing “false” testimony from witnesses. According to the lawyer, this is a common problem in the justice system.

“Eyewitness misidentifications have contributed to over 375 wrongful convictions in the United States being overturned by post-conviction DNA evidence in approximately 69% of cases,” Baez explained.

The “Who Needs Love” singer’s enthusiastic social media supporter added, “@torylanez #freetory #freetorylanez #freetory!!!!” hashtags. After his announcement, he threw out samples from New York that he said were false eyewitness identifications in the shooting case.

A screenshot of the courtroom dialogue followed a conversation between the defendant’s representative and a witness. According to the anonymous witness, two girls were seen fighting at the crime scene.

When the interviewer asked if she witnessed one of the women shoot the other party, the individual responded, “I believe so, but…” The attorney interjected and asked for confirmation that the bystander had seen Lanez try to take the gun from the shooter.

Tory Lanez's attorney claims false testimony on appeal

Although prosecutors objected to the lawyer’s “leading” statement, the court overruled the interruption and allowed defense counsel to continue. “Is that what you said?” The lawyer asked, “Yes!!!” the witness answered.

In the second version of the eyewitness account, the question to the bystander on the stand read: “Sir, did you state that after the shooting, the shorter guy tried to take the gun away from the shooter?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, it wasn’t something that lasted long. Everything was instantaneous,” the witness replied. Not ignoring the individual’s statement, the inquirer asked the bystander to clarify what he saw with the rapper after the alleged woman fired the gun.

“I just saw that he was angry. Shouted. And he—then—he then—then the flashes came from him. I never saw a gun. I want to be clear,” said the witness.

In his last post, Baez suggested that witness statements proved his client needed a retrial. The “Presumed Guilty” author wrote: “This is why the jury needs to hear the DNA that cleared Tory Lanez. The carnival is when someone fires a gun five times; it immediately recovers and does not leave the DNA.”

Tory Lanez's attorney claims false testimony on appeal

A lawyer for the founder of One Umbrella has claimed that his client is sharing key information about his case

Weeks before The Blast reported that the “Enchanted Falls” rapper’s attorney has revealed new details in the shooting case. The criminal defense attorney shared a post about National DNA Day on her Instagram Story.

“Today is National DNA Day. We are pleased to announce that Tory Lanez is releasing information about the DNA in his case that provided false and misleading information to his jury,” the New Yorker wrote in an April 25 post.

While Baez did not share additional information about the new evidence or when it would be released, his statement suggested that the DNA may have influenced Lanez’s guilty verdict. The lawyer’s client previously made similar allegations.

In a fiery letter written to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, the 30-year-old man accused prosecutors of numerous violations. Those allegations included the suppression of “exculpatory evidence” proving the rapper’s innocence.

Tory Lanez's attorney claims false testimony on appeal

The Canadian claimed he was “robbed and deprived of a fair trial” and pleaded with the district attorney to ensure justice is served. The “Talk to Me” artist noted that she is fighting for herself, her son, her fans and her loved ones for the black and Hispanic minorities.

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