At age 81, Martha Stewart has vowed to share more thirst traps

Age is just a number Martha Stewart! The American TV personality and businesswoman has stated that she has no plans to stop sharing hot photos of herself.

Stewart teased that she would be posting more sexy photos and noted that she wasn’t surprised by the amount of attention her previous photos received online. The cookbook author recently made a rare appearance with her grandson Jude at the Broadway premiere of “Life of Pi.”

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Martha Stewart She continues to post sexy moments

Martha Stewart

Based on Page sixStewart revealed that he plans to release more “thirst traps” during the Broadway premiere of “Life of Pi” in the coming months.

The 81-year-old entrepreneur has caused a lot of internet buzz over the years after sharing several sexy and lewd photos, including one of him wearing nothing but an apron.

“You’ll see what comes,” he told the news outlet. “Good stuff!”

In an earlier photo, Stewart looked hot as she pouted while leaning against a pool deck. “My pool in East Hampton is the place to be on an 89 degree day!” he captioned the photo. She wore a sexy strappy navy blue swimsuit and light purple makeup with bright pink lipstick.

Stewart went shirtless and made hearts flutter in a 2022 ad for Green Mountain coffee while wearing only an apron.

“Oh, hello. I just enjoy the natural flavor of pumpkin spice,” Stewart shared. “From Green Mountain coffee roasters and nothing else, literally. Just look at this, a thing of natural beauty — no, no, not me.”

Martha Stewart isn’t surprised by fans who crave her photos

Martha Stewart

In addition, Stewart said in his interview Page six at the opening of the Broadway play, that he wasn’t shocked by how much controversy his earlier photos had sparked online among fans.

He told the news agency that even though he was getting older, he wasn’t surprised, noting that “people like pretty pictures.”

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t think about age.”

Stewart didn’t know what a “thirst trap” was before it started going viral, but after hearing what it was, she’s been feeding her fans everything ever since.

She made a rare appearance with her grandson in the lookalike

2019 Time 100 gala

At the recent Broadway opening of “Life of Pi,” Stewart hit the red carpet with a plus-one, her grandson Jude.

The celebrity chef wore a white button-down shirt under a dark sweater, black pants and matching shoes.

Meanwhile, Jude dressed for the occasion in a sparkly dress and knee-high black boots.

“I am thrilled that Alexis’ greatest wish has come true,” she said Page six.

Both looked cheerful and happy as they posed for photos. The 12-year-old is Stewart’s first grandchild from his only daughter, Alexis.

Martha Stewart played an April Fool’s joke on her team

Screening of Very Ralph quot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

In most parts of the world, April 1st is known as “Fool’s Day”. This is the time when most people play outrageous pranks on others.

Stewart didn’t miss out on the popular celebration this year either, pranking his crew by pretending to have a health scare.

According to the Daily Mail, the New Jersey Hall of Famer faked a sudden collapse and appeared on set with a towel that looked like blood, leaving crew members in shock as they scrambled to find a solution.

The star chef was filming a product when he suddenly pretended to have problems with his eyes while holding it with one hand and complained of the “discomfort” it caused.

Stewart bent down and covered the kitchen cupboard when he suddenly reappeared with a white towel, bloodstained, causing crew members to stop filming to express their concern.

“April Fools,” he shouted to the crew, who gasped with delight that it was a fake and not a real health scare.

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