Ashley Graham shouts about the Barbie doll made in her likeness

Ashley Graham he opened up about his childhood struggles due to his absence Barbie dolls depicting his body shape.

Reflecting on how the adoptive dolls were able to positively influence her self-esteem, she revealed that she longs for dolls that look like her.

The host of the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” Graham portrays a custom-made Barbie doll with features like “thick thighs” and a “round bottom.”

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Ashley Graham wanted a Barbie doll to grow her figure

Ashley Graham talks about the childhood trauma of not having a Barbie doll like her
Instagram | Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, a passionate advocate for body positivity, recently opened up about her childhood struggles and the impact of not being represented by Barbie dolls. At 35, the famous model reflected on how a more inclusive Barbie doll might have positively influenced her self-esteem during her formative years.

In an interview with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on the “Today” show, Graham candidly shared that not seeing babies that looked like her made her feel different and question her appearance.

“If I had a Barbie like my body type growing up, I don’t think my mind would have been so traumatized,” Graham said emotionally. Daily Mail. She vividly recalled staring in the mirror, comparing herself to the unrealistic Barbie figure, and wondering, “Why do I have this and she has that?”

Ashley Graham Wants Cellulite On Her Barbie Doll

Ashley Graham talks about the childhood trauma of not having a Barbie doll like her
Instagram | Ashley Graham

Graham, the host of the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” now has a custom-made Barbie doll in her image, made by Mattel.

The mother of two, who was very happy with the creation, had a special request in mind to make the doll more authentic and stronger. Graham highlighted the baby’s features: “She has thick thighs.” She has a round butt. His belly is lower.

However the Sports Illustrated The model wanted to go further and emphasize the beauty of imperfections by adding cellulite to the doll. However, the technology or procedure did not allow this specific detail. “The only thing I asked for was cellulite. But they couldn’t do cellulite,” he said.

“This is my body, and I embraced it.”

Ashley Graham talks about the childhood trauma of not having a Barbie doll like her

Graham shed light on her journey as a mother and how her outlook on self-image and confidence has profoundly changed.

She shared that motherhood became a catalyst for her self-acceptance as she experienced the ever-changing nature of her body. She said: “Children were born, my body was all over the place. It was this, it was that, then back again.”

Graham spoke passionately about her body, stating: “I can thank my body right now because I’ve done so much. And being able to tell my story has empowered so many women to tell their stories and find confidence in themselves.”

She added: “My stomach is sagging. I have cellulite all over my body. I have stretch marks all over and that’s okay because my body is my body and I embrace it. I want little girls to know that.”

Ashley Graham sizzles in an orange dress in the ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge’

On Sunday, Graham wowed her Instagram followers with a post to hype up the highly anticipated ‘Barbie Dreamhouse’ competition series.

The model captioned the post: “Set your DVRs! The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge premieres TONIGHT at 8pm ET/PT on HGTV. See you there!”

In the captivating video, Graham struck strikingly graceful model poses as she effortlessly handled pink construction equipment on the magical Barbie-themed set.

The soundtrack was set to Aqua’s iconic song ‘Barbie Girl’, adding a touch of nostalgia and picking the perfect vibe as the HGTV host rocked a stunning bodycon bright orange cashmere dress, accessorized with a sparkly pink open toe. corner.

YouTube video player

Graham also shared a sneak peek of the show’s opening moments on YouTube on Instagram Stories.

Dressed in the same form-fitting orange dress, with her hair elegantly pulled back into a bun and a single, perfectly curled bang framing her face, the supermodel happily emerged from a pink, life-sized doll box, playfully leading the eager audience into the performance.

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