Ashley Graham rips tight pants while performing somersaults

Ashley Graham showed off his somersault skills in an adorable TikTok video, but a bit of mishap caused him to tear his pants. The clip of Graham tumbling went viral, with many fans leaving positive notes of encouragement.

The model recently had an awkward moment during an interview with Hollywood actor Hugh Grant on the red carpet at the Oscars.

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Ashley Graham’s tumbling attempt shows little more than expected

A recent one TikTok video, model Ashley Graham tried to show off her stunt skills, but things ended in a hilarious disaster.

He captioned the video humorously: “Yes, I do all my stunts,” while a child’s voice said: “My mom told me to be myself and people will like me!”

Graham, seen in the clip wearing a stunning black zip-front leather jumpsuit, confidently somersaulted onto the sofa.

However, when she finished the flip, Graham remembered why she wasn’t a gymnast. Looking down at his pants, the A new model The author discovered that they were separated and a blue underwear was placed underneath. The unexpected wardrobe malfunction had him kneeling on the floor trying to hold back his laughter and embarrassment.

Fans praise the model for her relatable content

Ashley Graham at the Milan Calendar Pirelli 2023 presentation

Graham’s comedic video quickly went viral, with fans and followers praising him for not being afraid to show his playful and sympathetic side. Grayling Page sixthe response from her TikTok followers was overwhelming, with one user commenting: “The fact that you look terrified yet proud of you.”

Another fan said: “Haha lol that’s not the only reason I love you.” Another added: ‘Your outfit got too excited to be so close to you! (crying, laughing emoticons) By the way, it’s BEAUTIFUL… and needs fixing!”

Others have even experienced similar wardrobe malfunctions, with one fan saying: “I know this; I just ripped my favorite pair of pants at work, so yeah.”

Ashley Graham reacts to Hugh Grant’s cold reception on the red carpet

Ashley Graham has been slammed for her poor interviewing skills on the Oscars red carpet

Graham also made waves on social media with her recent Oscar gig as a red carpet host. While talking to actor Hugh Grant, Graham asked him typical awards show questions, but received cold and blunt answers in return.

When asking the ‘Love Actually’ actor about his suit for the evening and ‘who’ he was wearing, Grant candidly replied that it was ‘just’ a suit from an unnamed ‘tailor’. He also responded that he thought “no one in particular” about who he wanted to win an Oscar.

Despite Grant’s less-than-friendly reception, the model took it all in stride, remaining poised and gracious. Fans quickly came to her defense on social media, praising her professionalism and handling of the situation while criticizing Grant for her reception.

In the following interview with TMZGraham shared her epic response to the incident: “You know what, my mom told me to kill people with kindness, so here you go.” Her ability to rise above awkward encounters and maintain a positive attitude has impressed her fans even more.

Ashley Graham celebrates body positivity

Ashley Graham flaunts a nipped-in-waist Cowboy style in new IG post

Known for keeping it real on social media, the supermodel continues to inspire fans with her messages of body positivity and self-acceptance. Graham recently shared a series of unretouched bikini photos on Instagram, proudly showing off her stretch marks and cellulite as part of a collaboration with tanning brand St. Tropez.

Her fans responded with overwhelming support and praise, thanking Graham for being honest and representing real women. The comments were abuzz, with one fan writing: “In this world where everyone wants (the) perfectly slim body without stretch marks, cellulite and imperfections, it’s so real that I’ve always appreciated it.” Another wrote: “Thank you Ashley for showing me what real women look like!”

In another candid moment, the Sports Illustrated cover girl revealed on the ‘Milk Drunk’ podcast episode that her husband Justin Ervin had a vasectomy and joked that she was now ‘shooting blanks’.

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