Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns On Raising ‘Generation Of Wimps’

Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed concerns about modern society, emphasizing the importance of mental resilience to avoid raising a “generation of wimps.”

In an interview, Schwarzenegger praised earlier generations who made the United States “great” through hard work and dedication. He also discussed his aging physique, dietary habits, and pivotal heart surgery in 1997. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says To Avoid Raising A ‘Generation of Wimps’

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In a recent episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his concerns about modern society while promoting his new book “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.”

The iconic “Terminator” star talked about the importance of raising children who are mentally resilient to avoid creating a “generation of wimps.” He stressed that the “human mind can only grow through resistance.” 

“The more you struggle, the further you’re going to go and the stronger you’re going to get,” he said.


Schwarzenegger continued: “That’s just the way the world works. Anyone who tries to baby themselves and pamper themselves, and try to protect themselves — ‘I don’t want to feel bad. I don’t want really want to go through any discomfort’ — it’s over. You’re never gonna get there.”

The former bodybuilder urged young individuals not to shy away from challenges, adding: “You have to learn to accept pain, misery, and discomfort — all of the things you don’t like. Because the more you experience the things you really don’t like, the more you can grow, and the tougher you get, and the more you can handle.”

He Praised The Generation That ‘Made’ The United States ‘Great’

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In his chat with Stern, Schwarzenegger praised the earlier generations, who he said built the United States through hard work and dedication. 

“These were ballsy women and men that went out there at five in the morning and went out there and struggled and fought, and they worked their butts off,” he said. “That’s what made this country great.”

The former California governor encouraged a continuation of this legacy, saying, “Let’s continue this way. Don’t start creating a generation of wimps and weak people. Where we’re concerned about, ‘How are you feeling today? I don’t want to hurt your feelings.’”

Although he acknowledged the importance of being “considerate,” he stressed the need to teach young people to be tough, “to go out and do sports, to go and study, to struggle, and to go through these kind of painful moments sometimes.” 

“But let’s not over-baby the kids, let’s not over-baby people,” he added.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About His Aging Body

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger riding his exotic hummer in Santa Monica

In another part of the interview, Schwarzenegger shared his candid thoughts on his body’s aging process.

The seven-times Mr. Olympia humorously admitted his dissatisfaction with his current physique, stating, “I kind of smile because every day I do look in a mirror and I say, ‘Yep, you suck.’ Look at this body. Look at the pectoral muscles that used to be firm and perky and really powerful. Now they’re just hanging there.’ I mean, what the hell is going on here?”

Additionally, Schwarzenegger spoke on his health and dietary habits, highlighting his two-meal-a-day routine with breakfast and dinner.

The “True Lies” star also recounted his pivotal heart surgery in 1997, admitting it was the first time where he felt “kind of vulnerable.”

Despite these challenges, the 76- year-old said he maintains a positive perspective. “I just feel like as those challenges come my way, I take them on because it’s the only choice we have. The bottom line is I’m 76 years old, I’m full of energy, I’m full of enthusiasm,” he concluded.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Would Make A ‘Great President’

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his daughters at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'FUBAR' Season 1

During his conversation with Stern, Schwarzenegger expressed his confidence in his potential to be a “great president.” 

He emphasized his ability to unite people: “I think that I have the energy and the will to bring people together.” Stern concurred, suggesting Schwarzenegger “would’ve won.”

The “Commando” star reiterated his commitment to uniting people, environmental preservation, and defending democracy. “There are so many people out there in America who need help, so I think we should all concentrate on that … and not just think about ourselves,” he stressed.

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