Ariana Madix Gets an Early Birthday Party Treated by Beau

Ariana Madix has already started celebrating her upcoming 38th birthday in style with her new partner, Daniel Wai. Wai surprised Madix by arranging a dinner with his best friend on a plane. The trio then attended the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York, where Madix’s friends joined them to celebrate his birthday.

Fans praised Wai for his thoughtfulness and Madix’s relationship has been going strong since they met in March. As for the future of “Vanderpump Rules,” Madix has expressed her disinterest in filming with her cheating ex Tom Sando and co-star Raquel Leviss, making their appearance in the upcoming season uncertain.

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Daniel Wai surprises Ariana Madix for her birthday

Ariana Madix celebrated her upcoming 38th birthday with her new partner Daniel Wai.

Wai shared his updates on Instagram: “Thought he was coming here for dinner but @bradxbrad surprised him on the plane,” tagging Madix’s best friend Bradley Kearns. The trio then headed to the famous 2023 Governors Ball Music Festival in New York, where Madix’s circle of friends joined them at the festival to commemorate her upcoming birthday.

Amid the buzzing atmosphere, Wai shared an adorable photo on Instagram of him hugging Madix as they stood in front of the main stage, eagerly awaiting Kendrick Lamar’s headliner.

Ariana Madix’s surprise birthday party

After the festivities, Madix, Wai and their entourage continued the birthday celebration at Lower Manhattan hotspot Goldbar. Grayling Page sixvideos posted on Bravolebrity’s Instagram Story showed the lively atmosphere, filled with dancing and sparkling champagne.

Dressed in stylish jeans and a plunging white cropped cardigan, Madix swayed to the music and enjoyed every moment while sitting at the club’s VIP table.

In one video, Kearns captured the infectious energy as he and Madix showed off their dance moves to OutKast’s hit song, “The Way You Move.” Kearns playfully mused in the caption, “Are we moving to New York? Are we New Yorkers now?”

Fans praise Daniel Wai for surprising Ariana Madix

Instagram | Daniel Wai

Fans showered Wai with praise in the comments section of his post, applauding him for organizing the surprise celebration for his girlfriend.

“Finally there’s a real man who doesn’t sing karaoke for a living,” commented one fan who took a playful jab at Sandoval. “Finally a real man. Not the self-centered one who shaves his face and licks the iron! Nice job!” added another fan.

Madix has been linked to Wai since March, when they met at a wedding in Mexico, which she attended just over a week after ending her nine-year relationship with Sandoval.

The publicized breakup was a scandalous affair between Sandoval and “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Leviss. In April, Madix and Wai attended Coachella together and were spotted kissing at the music festival. A source revealed in May People magazine that Madix told her friends she was “falling in love” with her new partner.

Ariana Madix does not want to film with Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss

With Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

After wrapping up the three-part “Vanderpump Rules” reunion, Madix hopped on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.

In the last episode, tensions rose when the “Something About Her” star called Leviss “evil” for having an affair with her boyfriend. The blonde beauty did not hold back, expressing only the “worst” desire for her former boyfriend.

During the meeting, neither Madix nor Sandoval managed to find a common voice. This intense encounter was filmed at the end of March. After that, Leviss sought help in a mental health facility, while Sandoval went on tour with his band.

Ariana Madix is ​​spotted!  One step closer to opening a sandwich shop in Los Angeles
Instagram | Ariana Madix

While waiting for the next season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Madix made it clear that she is not willing to film alongside Sandoval and Leviss.

In an interview in May The New York Times, Madix said, “I have nothing to say to either of them. He added: “Our show is very real and follows a real group of friends and none of them belong in the group of friends, so good luck.”

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