Ariana Grande is fine with Dalton Gomez dating again

Thanks, Next! Ariana Grande is so over Dalton Gomez that she doesn’t mind her estranged husband moving on with another woman.

The multi-hyphenate star and real estate agent have joined the ever-growing list of celebrity couples preparing for divorce. The news of their divorce came amidst speculations of trouble in the couple’s paradise, the narrative has been going on for months.

The “Side to Side” singer has seemingly hinted at the couple’s broken vows by giving up her wedding ring on various public outings. Sources have now revealed that this decision may have stemmed from the couple’s estrangement since the beginning of the year.

But why did their chemistry go down the drain?

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez couldn’t blossom their covid romance in a pandemic-free world

Ariana Grande and husband Dalton Gomez are celebrating their second wedding anniversary

While Arianators mourn the end of their idol’s two-year marriage, many would be shocked to learn that the 30-year-old’s heart isn’t bleeding over her divorce. Sources close to the former lovebirds have been revealed TMZ that the Grammy winner had left her relationship months ago.

The decision, which did not come easily, was influenced by the couple’s growing differences in their careers and personal lives. When the couple started dating in 2020, the pandemic brought them closer than ever and they were each other’s biggest supporters.

According to insiders, the couple’s relationship flourished from their dependence on company, affection and saucy moments. However, things changed when the Covid restrictions no longer prevented Grande from living like a celebrity.

Gomez, who has a reserved demeanor, is said to have been overwhelmed by the differences in the couple’s lives. The realtor was overwhelmed by everything, estranged from his wife’s preoccupations, the constant nagging paparazzi and job offers that took the Florida beauty out of their Los Angeles home.

The 27-year-old reportedly questioned why the pair needed security every time they got out. However, bodyguards were essential for the “7 Rings” singer. The couple’s contrasting lives soon became alarmingly apparent and the bonds built during Covid were broken.

According to sources, the couple’s marital problems came to a head in December 2022 when the two-time Billboard Women in Music Award winner traveled to England. Grande was traveling to play Glinda in the upcoming musical Wicked.

The couple estranged a month later and began living separate lives while remaining on good terms. However, the towel was not thrown in without some effort. In May, they tried to rekindle the flame of their love; unfortunately, they lasted two weeks together before finally deciding it wasn’t a good match.

Ariana Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez

Despite trying to save their relationship, the couple seemed to have unknowingly given up on their marriage because of their actions. Insiders claimed that Gomez had been dating for the past few months and that his soon-to-be ex-wife was ‘hitting it off’.

In addition, informants stated that the couple was “shocked” the public did not realize they had split until the media began spreading news of their divorce.

The Nickelodeon Alum and her ex-lover have reportedly ended their marriage on amicable terms

News of Gomez’s rekindled relationship came in the wake of the couple’s split. A source confirmed the story, stressing that the couple had jointly decided to end the marriage in a good relationship.

“They made the decision together,” the insider said of the couple’s divorce. “They had issues before January but they want to remain best friends.”

Opening up about how they tried to save their marriage, the insider explained that the real estate agent traveled to Grande’s “Wicked” set. However, it “didn’t work out” and the pair remained friends.

“They’ve been great friends through the whole process and their friends and family have been trying to protect them,” the source admitted. As mentioned, speculations about their divorce started after the Bambi winner was not wearing her wedding ring.

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She was last seen in public with the gem at Jeff Goldblum’s April concert in London. Before news of her divorce broke, the 30-year-old sparked outrage on social media by showing off her ringless finger at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Amidst the ongoing narrative of her divorce from Gomez, which the couple has not confirmed, the “Into You” singer flooded her Instagram page with stunning pictures of her appearance at the man’s singles finale. Grande looked carefree as she shared funny snaps of herself alongside pictures of her ‘Wicked’ co-star Jonathan Bailey.

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