Ariana Grande Allegedly Had ‘Double Dates’ with New BF’s Spouse

Pop sensation Ariana Grande and Broadway star Ethan Slater have been at the center of controversy due to their alleged romance.

A new report claims the pair embarked on double dates with their respective spouses, Dalton Gomez and Lilly Jay, long before their relationship became public knowledge.

Slater, who reportedly “blindsided” Jay with his affair with Grande, recently filed for a divorce from her.

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Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater Went On ‘Multiple Double Dates’

62nd Ariana Grande Annual GRAMMY Awards

According to the Daily Mail, the quartet was spotted enjoying each other’s company with radiant smiles and infectious laughter long before Grande and Slater opened up about their relationship.

Sources say the duo, whose surprise romance only became public knowledge a few weeks ago, had been dating for a while after meeting on their upcoming film “Wicked.”

“Ariana and Dalton went on double dates with Ethan and Lilly several times, and cast members saw them out,” a source said. “Lilly and Ethan also met Ariana’s family together, including her mom and brother.”

Another source revealed that the “Thank U, Next” singer also “hung out” with Jay and her baby severally and even pointed to her close associates that she “wanted a baby one day” after bonding with Jay and Slater.

Lilly Jay Was ‘Blindsided’ By Ethan Slater’s Divorce Filing

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According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Jay was “blindsided” when she learned that Slater had filed for divorce. The news shocked her, as they had been working on reigniting their relationship after the revelation of his romantic involvement with the pop star.

“Lilly did not file for divorce from Ethan; he filed for divorce from her,” the source told the news outlet, adding that Slater was “starstruck” by Grande.

The Broadway star filed for divorce from Jay in New York, although no specific reason was given for the legal action’s cause.

According to TMZ, Jay’s concern and reservation in the whole debacle is for their son, noting that he “won’t have both his mom and dad around constantly” because Slater is not taking his foot off the gas in pursuing his romance with Grande.

Another source told the news outlet that Slater and Jay are not on “good terms,” as the situation has left her “feeling betrayed and heartbroken.”

Lilly Jay & Ethan Slater Tried To Mend Things 

Ethan Slater's Wife Is Reportedly 'A Wreck' Over His Romance With Ariana Grande

After Jay discovered that Slater was involved in a romantic relationship with Grande, the news undoubtedly brought her a complex mix of emotions. However, a source shared with the Daily Mail that they tried to mend the situation and find understanding.

Feeling blindsided by the revelation, Jay and Slater took the time to have an open and honest conversation about their feelings. They tried to address the complexities of their relationship and how their feelings have evolved but to no avail.

“There was a period when they were all going to try and work on their marriages and put the whole thing behind them,” the source shared.

“She thought they were happy, but that did not work out (because Ariana and Ethan) kept the affair going despite (that),” they added.

Slater and Grande’s romance intensified while working on the set of “Wicked.” Due to the timeline of events, a source who spoke with Page Six alleged that the singer was the main reason why Slater and Jay “suddenly” broke up as “nothing appeared wrong between them.”

Lilly Jay Calls Out Ariana Grande

2016 American Music Awards

In the aftermath of the divorce filing, Slater’s estranged wife recently broke her silence on the issue, hurling harsh remarks at Grande. In an interview with Page Six, she expressed her feelings about the singer, saying that she believes Grande is “not a girl’s girl.”

“(Ariana’s) the story really. Not a girl’s girl,” Jay told the news outlet. “My family is just collateral damage.”

Jay’s comment alludes to a perceived lack of camaraderie or friendship between her and Grande and the singer’s non-compliance with the “girl code.”

However, she noted that she focuses on raising her and Slater’s baby and being “a good mom.”

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