Ari Aster’s ‘Beau Is Afraid’: Find Out Who Joaquin Phoenix Plays

Amy Ryan, Parker Posey and Nathan Lane also star in Aster’s surreal multi-decade sequel, “Midsommar,” also released by A24.

Beau is scared


Acclaimed A24 horror master Ari Aster returns for his third feature, ‘Beau Is Afraid’.

After the smashing successes of “Hereditary” and “Midsommar”, writer-director Aster announced his upcoming collaboration with Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix in February 2021. “Beau Is Afraid” is “an intimate portrait of a man spanning decades.” one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time,” Phoenix plays the titular Beau.

Aster teased that the film would be a “nightmare comedy” that had to be modified from the original four-hour script.

The writer-director helmed a 2011 short also titled “Beau,” though it’s unclear if “Beau Is Afraid” is related to the short. In this short film, a nervous middle-aged man’s trip to his mother’s house is put on hold when his key is mysteriously lost from his door. After that, he is haunted by an increasingly sinister chain of disturbing events.

As Aster previously told IndieWire, the film is definitely not a horror film. “It might take me a few movies to get back to (horror), but I love horror and I’m sure I’ll be back,” Aster said. Still, he added a caveat: “Head trauma will ALWAYS have a place in my films.”

Keep scrolling for all the details on Aster’s elusive ‘Beau Is Afraid’ ahead of the film’s April 21st release.

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