Anthony Mackie Reveals How ‘Captain America 4’ Script Is Being Kept Secret

“They don’t trust anyone,” the Marvel star said.

Anthony Mackie may be an MCU staple, but he’s living through the “Mission: Impossible” plan just to read Marvel scripts.

Mackie revealed on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that the script for the upcoming “Captain America: New World Order” is being kept under tight wraps. “Captain America: The New World Order” is directed by Julius Onah, and the screenplay is written by “The Falcon and the Winter Solider” creator Malcolm Spellman with Dalan Musson.

“Ironically, I got my script today,” Mackie said on the Feb. 28 episode of the talk show. “I did’nt read. It was not opened. I have not received the password for the site that will allow you to access the site.”

He continued: “We’re literally given a password to a website that gives us a place to meet with that person to sign, sit in front of a computer and read our script. They don’t trust anyone. And it’s always like some 21-year-old intern hates you. He’s sitting there eating Cheetos and he’s like, “Read faster.” And I say, “I’m dyslexic.” And he says, “I don’t care.”

Mackie added of her dyslexia: “It’s what got me into acting. Teachers are the most important foundation of American culture. And I had a teacher named Ms. Dorsey. I made straight As and Bt. I couldn’t figure out the English. “See spot run” – I didn’t even know Spot was in a race. He said, “We just have to find something that interests you and makes it interesting to read.” Then he gave me this whole program, and all of a sudden I’m reading Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov. I read a lot of stuff and it makes sense.”

However, fellow Marvel star Zoe Saldaña didn’t think Marvel’s security protocols made sense. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actress infamously shared an Instagram video of herself flipping through the script for the upcoming superhero movie last year.

“It can be annoying sometimes,” Saldaña admitted in December 2022. “It’s not cool, because you have to memorize, you have to prepare, you have to research. And I tend to take myself a little too seriously sometimes. I really like working with filmmakers who don’t underestimate my intelligence and know that I’m an adult.”

He said: “I will be discreet. It’s as important to me as it is to him that I don’t let these scenarios out of my sight.”


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