Angela Bassett, Regina Hall ‘Black Panther’ Q&A – Watch

Watch as Hall moderates a Q&A with Bassett, who also explains what drew her to the role of Queen Ramonda.

Angela Bassett has said that she has never been “closer” to the world of superheroes and comic books, but now she will become the first actor to win an Oscar for best supporting actress for such a performance.

In Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” she plays Queen Ramonda, the mother of the late T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who embodies the film’s story of heartbreak and perseverance. At a recent Marvel Studios Q&A, actor Regina Hall moderated a sit-down with Angela Bassett. IndieWire is sharing the video in its entirety exclusively below.

Hall told a story about the first time she met the legendary Bassett, who was last nominated for an Academy Award (for Best Actress) for “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” for the movie.

“It’s a great story because these stories can be horrible,” Hall joked. “I was an intern at MTV. I walked across the street and I look over and see Angela Bassett. She was wearing jeans and Angela has a nice butt, so I thought, “Oh, that lady has a nice butt.” Then she had on a denim shirt and a goddess braid.

Hall continued: “I went up to him and was so excited to get his autograph. And he was so kind. That’s why this story is so beautiful. He was so nice. I got an autograph. This is before phones. And I got an autograph and I remember thinking how beautiful you are, no makeup. You were so beautiful and so kind.”

Hall added, “You guys have created something so magical and profound (with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever). You’ve always been our queen, but now you’re literally queen.”

As for his first experience in a comic book movie, Bassett said, “Many years ago, there was talk about doing ‘X-Men’. That was years ago, and then it took about 10 years for it to actually happen. And our lovely Halle (Berry), you know, she ended up being there, which was wonderful. So that was as close as I got to being in a comic book movie. So when that happened, I was like, “Oh, wow, you know, something came back with this amazing director. And I just have to discover what this world is all about.”

Check out the full Q&A below.


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