Andy Cohen saw Kim Zolciak’s money problems coming

Andy Cohen worried Kim Zolciakspend before you knew you had to worry.

Andy Cohen’s Financial Troubles

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The Bravo TV executive spoke about Zolciak on Sirius XM’s morning show and told listeners that he saw Zolciak’s money dwindling from a mile away. He even tried to warn him to be careful with his spending since Kroy Biermann was not an active football player.

“There are so many clips of me saying to Kim, ‘I’m worried about what you’re spending your money on. He is not a football player; he’s a retired football player,” she reminded him at gatherings and other events.

If fans remember, once Watch What’s Happening live, Cohen told Zolciak that he “can’t” keep spending, spending, spending, especially knowing he’s not saving anything. “Kroy was a retired football player. Football player money no longer came in,” Cohen repeated.

Zolciak did not take the hint then; now, in addition to his divorce from Biermann, he’s in a bit of a financial pickle with the IRS.

Money is a huge problem

Governor Hochul attends LGBTQ rally at Stonewall Inn

Based on PEOPLE, a source claims money has become a contentious issue for the estranged couple. “The million dollar tax (payment) put too much pressure on them.” A source a Six pages he said the same thing.

Financial problems “played” in the dissolution of their marriage. While still living together, they do not communicate and actively try to avoid each other. Fans of the Don’t Be Late couple can’t wait to see what happened between them.

Accordingly, there was no infidelity TMZ, but the former couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, and let’s be honest, that’s a huge bummer in this day and age. Zolciak was spotted even without her wedding band shortly after the news broke.

Biermann also explained the drama. The former professional athlete used his Instagram bio to overshadow Zolciak’s life. She claims her ring meant things and she wasn’t late to the party.

Who left who?

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The couple also questions the stakes of who was the first to fall out. Zolciak was in first place when the news broke, and for a while it looked like he was the one to ditch Biermann and file all the necessary paperwork.

Then Biermann came forward with his papers, claiming he was the one who outed Kim as a bad habit! According to her, her divorce papers show an earlier filing date. Biermann also requested sole legal and physical custody of their four younger children, Kroy “KJ” Jr., 11, Kash, 10, and Kane and Kaia, 9.

Kim did the same, and her two daughters, Brielle and Ariana, from previous relationships, are standing by their mother’s side. The girls did not follow the man who legally adopted them and affectionately called them “Papa Kroy”.

Cohen was as shocked as the rest of us when he heard that Kim and Kroy were calling it quits, but he said he’s not surprised that it had something to do with money.

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