Andrew Tate’s attempt to break out of a Romanian prison has been DENIED

Andrew Tate remains in a Romanian prison.

The controversial social media star has been accused of rape, human trafficking and the creation of an organized crime group.

Tate with her brother Tristan Tate and at the end of December, two of his female companions were arrested.

Andrew Tate is still in prison!

Andrew Tate

The Tate brothers’ legal team tried unsuccessfully to appeal against multiple prison term extensions.

Tuesday, March 14th, Andrew appeared in court hoping to be released; however, a court in Bucharest rejected his request for bail.

Tristan’s case will be heard tomorrow.

Andrew Tate BAIL DENIED!

A spokesman for Tate said of the judge’s bail refusal: “Unfortunately, Andrew Tate’s bail application has been refused today by the Romanian justice system. We are disappointed with this outcome as we had high hopes that Andrew would be reunited with his family. His legal team will appeal the decision within 48 hours.”

Tate will remain in jail until at least March 29thand the prosecution seeks to extend the prison sentence Mirror UK.

The former kickboxing pro has maintained his innocence and denied all charges since he was taken into custody.

Tate claimed that Romanian officials were part of a wider “political conspiracy” against him. He believes they are trying to silence him and prevent him from spreading his views.

Andrew Tate 4

According to Tate, he has “500 pieces of evidence” to prove his innocence.

On February 28, he or someone who acts as his voice on Twitter outside of prisonth and wrote: “I have cooperated fully in every way. They did everything they asked of me. I have 500 videos, photos and other evidence that prove my innocence. But I’m still in prison. What does Romania want from me?”

Tate fears he may die in prison.

Tate has two possible futures

On February 14thththe social media personality revealed her ‘two possible futures’.

“The universe has two possible futures. One, they kill me. Second, I pose as one of the most authoritative and influential people on the planet, driven by false persecution. I ask my enemies to decide, I will stay awake tonight, ready to fight to the death. Send your best,” read his tweet.

Many Twitter users did not sympathize with Tate and offered a third “future” for Tate.

“Weird way to tell everyone you’re mad bro,” one person responded.

“Or 3…accuses her of human trafficking with a stick and crushes herself while crying hysterically,” another person said.

“Or three… you’ll be in jail until you do your time.” Going with three,” another person shared.

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