Andrew Tate says it’s ‘important’, he ‘lives as long as possible’

You can throw Andrew Tate behind bars, but he can’t shut down his huge ego.

Days after Tate’s manager confirmed she was battling cancer, the social media influencer shot down the report.

We reported on his manager’s statement last week.

Andrew Tate’s team revealed he had cancer

“Okay, a lot of people ask me if the Tate lung cancer story is true. Yes, that’s right, I drove him to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I have no more specifics to share,” @thesartorialshooter wrote on his Instagram Story.

According to the Daily Mail According to the report, Tate confirmed that she has a “dark spot in her lung,” which is most likely a tumor.

His team told the outlet that the kickboxer had attended a medical consultation with doctors in Dubai about his “serious” health condition, which “should not be taken lightly” before his arrest in December.

He is undergoing medical treatment in Romania for this and Tate is making sure he stays ‘strong’ and ‘in good shape’.

Tate’s doctors in Dubai and Romania revealed he had a lesion in his upper right lung.

Tate flips the script and says she does NOT have lung cancer

Andrew Tate

A Tate spokesman said: “Andrew was made aware of his serious condition prior to his arrest after attending a consultation in Dubai. As he was unable to be monitored by his chosen medical team in Dubai, this meant he was transferred to a local clinic in Romania during his detention. No official diagnosis has been confirmed well, he is in good shape and still going strong. His doctors asked him to return to Dubai for further tests. Andrew did not demand this. This is not a health issue to be taken lightly and we are taking every precaution to ensure the best possible receive medical care.”

He last visited a hospital in Dubai on December 5th and was prepared for a chest X-ray.

However, Tate has since changed the story.

She tweeted over the weekend: “I don’t have cancer. My lungs contain exactly 0 damage from smoking. I actually have a lung capacity of 8 liters and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete. Nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle. Real warriors are wounded inside and out.”

Tate says it’s important to survive the next 5,000 years


He didn’t stop there and continued to brag about how important it was to him to stay alive.

“As one of the most influential people in the plant, it is important for the sake of humanity that I live as long as possible. At my current power level, I estimate that I can survive for at least another 5,000 years. With that in mind, I take my medical care extremely seriously,” he wrote. “A regular check was organized in Dubai, in pre-trial detention. The doctors were extremely interested in the scar on my lung. They don’t understand how I can survive without treatment. They don’t know Wudan’s secrets. But that battle is long over.”


Tate, along with his brother and two female companions, were arrested on December 29th on allegations of rape, human trafficking and the creation of an organized criminal group.

The Tate brothers tried to appeal their sentence, but a Romanian judge has since twice extended their detention by 30 days.

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