Andrew And Tristan Tate Make Court Appearance In Romania Ahead Of Trial

Controversial siblings Andrew and Tristan Tate appeared in a Romanian court, awaiting trial on human trafficking charges. Their house arrest appeal was previously granted, leading to their release under judicial control.

Accusations from four British women claim Tate subjected them to abuse between 2013 and 2016. They plan to sue for personal injury and physical harm, believing U.K. judgments can apply internationally.

Tate’s legal team denies these allegations, labeling them malicious and part of an opportunistic press campaign. Tate also hints at defamation proceedings against the women. He rose to infamy on the U.K.’s Big Brother in 2016 and later became known for promoting controversial views on YouTube.

Andrew Tate And His Brother Tristan Appear In Court

Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate

Today, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were in a Romanian court awaiting trial on human trafficking charges per reports. Earlier in August, the brothers successfully appealed their house arrest, resulting in their release under judicial control. The brothers, who deny the allegations, are facing charges related to human trafficking and organizing a criminal gang for the exploitation of women.

The latest court appearance comes after four British women are reportedly preparing to sue Tate, alleging that he subjected them to coercive control, choking, and rape between 2013 and 2016, before his social media fame.

One of the women, a 36-year-old, alleged that the Youtuber was “choking them until blood vessels burst in their eyes, beating them with a belt, and raping them numerous times and coercively controlling them.” Another claimed he texted her, “I love raping you.”

Although three of the women initially reported to the police, no charges were brought against the former kickboxer after a four-year investigation. Per the Sunday Times, the women are now pursuing a civil case against the self-proclaimed misogynist for personal injury and physical harm, with plans to file the claim in the coming weeks.

Four Women Sue Andrew Tate For Alleged Sexual Assault

Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate

As Tate’s social media following skyrocketed, the four women who accused him of abusive behavior felt compelled to speak out. They expressed frustration at witnessing his growing fame, stating, “We were forced to watch as Andrew was allowed to leave the country while still under investigation, and saw his fame and influence grow in the way that it did.”

The women, with the assistance of their solicitor, Matthew Jury, plan to sue Tate personally, even though he resides in Romania. They believe that U.K. judgments can be enforced internationally, adding, “Depending on the country in which assets are located, U.K. judgments are enforceable abroad.”

Tate’s spokesperson clarified that the allegations arose from a “letter submitted by Jury, in which he suggested mediation through financial compensation.” The spokesperson emphasized that the “letter does not constitute a formal legal case.”

His Rep Labels The Women’s Allegations As ‘A Sham’

Andrew Tate stretching in the gym
Twitter | Andrew Tate

According to Newsweek, Tate’s legal team responded to the Jury’s letter, asserting their intent to publicly disclose the women’s identities if they proceed with legal action.

They vehemently denied the allegations, describing them as “malicious and disputed.” The document claimed the “allegations are brought as part of an opportunistic press campaign to exploit my present difficulties in Romania and to mirror some of the allegations made against me in Romania in an effort to extract money from me.”

The response regarded the women’s pursuit of legal action for “vindication as a sham.” Tate expressed his determination to pursue defamation claims against the women, adding, “I fully intend to pursue your clients for defamation and maliciously bringing legal proceedings.”

He also accused Jury of making “implied threats of reporting him to the police” if he didn’t admit to the allegations.

Andrew Tate’s Rise To Fame

Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate

Tate gained notoriety during his appearance on the U.K. reality show Big Brother in 2016. The British-American influencer’s controversial remarks and a video depicting him using a belt during a consensual sex act with a woman led to his removal from the show.

Following this, he garnered attention on platforms like YouTube, where he purported to educate men about masculinity, promoted misogynistic views, and provided courses through his “Hustler’s University” online academy.

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